2021 NHL Season

well, if you are watching tv, just mute. Put on some good music.

One thing I like though with no fans is that I don't have to watch, thanks to the cameraman of course, some slob munching on a hot dog and whatever or yelling at players, banging their fists on the glass in hockey etc.. Just don't need to watch that myself. Sure at times the fans can be entertaining and fun like a foul ball hit into the stands and someone makes a nice catch and gives the ball to a kid sort of thing. But I can honestly do without fans at the game, I guess I'm getting used to it now without the crowds and the noise. I wonder what soccer fans think though since perhaps in soccer the fans singing and arms around each other shoulders seems to be as much a part of the game as the game itself?

Well as a soccer fan perhaps I feel more like this for all sports though I have watched gridiron for a few years longer dating back to my childhood.

For all team sports, I can't stand the cavernous echoes and random noises and yells from players or coaches instead of crowd noise.

Only for Formula One, the only auto racing I like any more, can I do absolutely without the fans because they are annoying in general for that sport. I like the current environment for those races without fans better.

Oh yeah like you I can do without the likes of the fat shirtless slob and his concessions, but otherwise I like the camera flash to the attractive ladies or to the drunken fans making the beer snake or the fans singing in Europe and so forth.

Yeah, there are some perks for sure for watching some fans in the stands. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gotta luv the Campbell story if you are a Leafs fan. Now 10 wins and counting.

Watch Campbell's Soup or Freddie Averagesen flop in the playoffs

...it’ll be interesting to see if the useless team that calls the saddledome home can get past the team that cannot even play right now because they all have Covid...I doubt it myself...

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It would seem that the team from Calgary has Flamed out for this season. The team from Vancouver is TOTALLY Ca-F--ked .
It looks like barring some sort of miracle the team from Montreal will get that last play-off spot by default .

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You all in Canada know hockey and your hockey best, so here's the open question.

How should the playoff format for the Canadian division be reformed given the present dire reality, which in and of itself might not be contained to Vancouver the way this is all going?

In the Yukon territory, is there a place still cold enough with solid ice so as to have a rink outdoors? Can they have the playoffs there?

Lodging and facilities might be an issue though, but then again I reckon they can get some tour buses and helicopters up there and find 4 hotels for the teams and 1 for the media people or just give the likes of Rod Black a tent and march him into the wild when he gets off the plane.

...nope, seagull-sized mosquitos will be out soon...

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I'm not sure which are worse, the big ones you can see and hear but need a baseball bat to kill or the ones we call "no seeums".

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....do the little ones bite? Or are they just annoying?

I saw this on FB earlier today and explained the reference as did R&W before I saw this, and well, behold the circle of life.

Well, with Vancouver so many games ahead before their virus situation, now with 37 games they will be last over the weekend in games played.

Even Boston and Montreal by late Saturday will have 38 games played.

Vancouver are scheduled at Edmonton on Monday and on Wednesday. I doubt it for Monday, but perhaps they move those games later one day each?

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They bite but are almost invisible with little sound and that is very annoying. You don't know you are being bit till it's too late.

Yukon is not a frozen wasteland contrary to whatever media portrays

I googled for stats but avg temp is 7 (45) in April and 14 (57) in May
(Even convert to F for you Yanks)

No way is an outdoor game happening

Plus massive issues with logistics (cell service is awful up there, high speed internet virtually non existent, no room and board for that many athletes plus media)

Even Alaska would be a far better choice if you trying to play games in middle of nowhere (Anchorage is certainly a far more massive city; pop is greater than 10X that of White Horse, the Yukon capital)

One massive positive for anyone ever heading up there
Head over to the Beringia centre
Not only is it a cool little government supported museum, but for $25 you can buy a family seasons pass (2 adults + 4 kids) that gives you admission to every other museum in Canada for the year (and even some US museums)


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Vancouver wont return to practise
Another player tests positive

Shut them down. Disqualify the Canucks from the postseason because they aren't following protocols or using common sense.

I see a lot of coaches have the mask under their nose, no sitting apart on the benches, players spiting on the ice, celebrating with group hugs when they score. Gawd knows what takes place behind the cameras

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Calgary is not dead (yet)

I thought playoffs were set in stone but looky at schedule

Calgary 14 games left
5 vs Montreal
2 vs Ottawa
4 vs Vancouver
2 vs Edmonton
1 vs Winnipeg

Montreal 17 games left
5 vs Calgary
3 vs Ottawa
4 vs Edmonton
1 vs Winnipeg
4 vs Toronto

So long as Calgary beats Montreal (no OT games) Montreal has a much tougher schedule and could easily miss the play offs

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