2021 NHL Season

Should it happen of course.

Aiming to start on January 13... their 3rd target date after December 1 and January 1 won't happen.

The latest is the proposed Canadian division may not be possible if they can't get the green light of all 5 provincial health authorities

After pulling off the dual hub playoffs in the summer now they're up against a real challenge. Pulling off a full regular season is a different beast.


I have mixed feelings about if I want to see this happen in Canada.

Given how bad the situation is now, I am leaning towards not

The Sharks are not allowed to play or practice in the country at the moment either. They're in AZ right now.

The Canadian division hinges on the green light of all 5 provinces, though it's always possible they could hub in one Canadian city.

I really don't see how they can start on January 13

The other issue is that if provinces are unwilling to allow inter-province travel for NHL, what does this imply to CFL?

Premature (IMO) ... CFL is 5 months down the road ... interprovincial travel could be blocked in January but allowed in February.

Pierre LeBrun on Twitter: "Things could change, but at this hour, the NHL does not have a Board of Governors call scheduled for today. The NHLPA, however, does have an Exec Board call scheduled for tonight to give the player reps an update on where things stand. 1/2" / Twitter

Last week both parties we're hoping to have something to present this week and now it looks like that won't be happening.

For a January 13 start they really need everything nailed down, votes in for both sides, government sign off and at least a first part schedule by Christmas.....ship is sailing fast.



Well...an agreement is a way forward.

Just need to figure out the health regulator clearances


Why doesn't the NHL play on their regular start date in the month of October? Most of North America should be vaccinated by then.

I am sure they plan to, but they dont want to lose this winters season


Is the NBA using that excuse also?

Two NHL seasons in one calendar year is insane. There is no shame in waiting to play in October. Just because the NBA wants to resume quickly after crowning a champion, the NHL has to also. I know I won't be watching the NHL this year.

you realize that there is always two NHL seasons in every year. The only difference is that they have not yet started the one that should be happening right now.

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I realize that. I just find that the NHL will lose money playing in January with a shorten season just trying to keep up with the NBA. The NHL's TV deal isn't as lucrative as the NBA's TV contract.

If a lot of NHL owners lose money because Bettman forced them to play a season that they didn't have to. Bettman could be fired

There was an article in the NY Post a month or so ago stating 3-5 teams could go bankrupt if they play

It may be alarmism but having a flat cap with no guarantee of fans this year the losses will be so great they will never make that back in a sale. Also remember the league tried to get an additional 13% deferral on player's salaries, got a big push back and then backed off.

Arizona is a team to look out for IMO....but that's normal for them


The 10 year contract for NHL TV rights in the USA with NBC expire after the 2021 season.
Those rights are currently $200M per year, The NHL obviously will need that to increased substantionaly!
If this season is cancelled, it could hurt their chances of say Fox or other U.S. networks getting involved in a bidding situation with NBC


I can promise you there would be a long line of bidders if NBC didn't renew.


Looks like Vancouver is out on the Canucks

What do you guys think of the Hamilton Canucks??
They've got the Black + Gold


The colors and the logo work for me. If not Vancouver, then Hamilton will do :slight_smile:

Well they don't have to bring out new uniforms then...lol

Otherwise have them play in Quebec City

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It's official now. Deets on how BC will be handled to come

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