2021 NHL season - part 2

not considering myself any kind of expert, I am thinking that it looks like Seattle has not ended up with quite the team Vegas did. Gonna be interesting.

Looking forward to when the Canucks get to play in Seattle's first home game


I'm loving already the snark from Las Vegas in their first promo for the new season. Go figure, hockey from October through April again. I already forgot how long was a regular season.

The video is the first one under "Video."

This video appears filmed somewhere by Mount Charleston, which is a favourite local hiking area. I used to go for a brief getaway less than an hour from the valley.

The home opener is against that new team from Seattle.

See how many of the shots taken against the various other teams, especially those "Original Six," you can catch in this one.

As portrayed for the other teams is typical of their most of their more casual fans indeed as in Nashville - lame!

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