2021 NFL cutdown day

NFL will cut their rosters down from 80 to 53 by 4 PM EST today

Here are four guys, age 27 or less, with NFL experience and plenty of gas in the tank who were cut today.

They'll probably find a job on another NFL team, but for how long?

I would hope they are on a CFL list now, and if anybody has any insight please do share.

NFL Practice Rosters are up to 16 players this season and you know what? The way things are going, teams will be using them a lot more.

The normal downside is that a few of these players on bloated practice rosters do not make it back to actually playing in games in the CFL, but in this CFL season I don't see many more Americans crossing back over the border now to be able to play or do much else.

And from what I read today, the US made it harder for Canadians and a number of other foreign nationals to visit the US.

We'll see if the NFL season ends up finishing with games played with no fans and fake crowd noise again.

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