2021 Global Draft

As I'm sure you all know and are eagerly awaiting, it is tomorrow @1:00 P.M.

If the excitement does not allow you to sleep tonight, you can spend some time reading this player ranking from JC Abbott of 3 Down Nation.

There are actually some intriguing prospects on the list. As previously mentioned, the Als can use a punter.

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I guess we have our replacement for Henoc.

Taku Lee is in the NFL International Player Pathway Program.

So I guess we're stuck with Stanback at RB.

Given the lack of playing time that Global players have received I would have been very tempted to go heavy on kickers and punters ... there were five punters and four kickers drafted after the Als first pick ... kicking doesn't need the same in-game development as compared to a position player

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Taku Lee was accepted by Japan Airlines as a pilot candidate in 2017. He left the company in 2018 and gave himself 3 years to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.

When he was a CFL Global draft prospect in 2020, he said his goal was to play 1 year in the CFL and then find his way into an NFL training camp. Lee did not even need to play in the CFL to get noticed as he is now in the NFL International Player Pathway Program.

Whenever the time comes and Lee's NFL options run out, he is just going to retire and go back to Japan and continue his training to becoming a pilot. I seriously doubt he ever steps foot in an Alouettes training camp.

That NFL International Pathway Program doesn't really give their global players a chance. They are lucky to get on a practice roster let alone play an actual game. At with the CFL, he might be on special teams or spot duty in the Canadian game

Lee is a little high on himself. I saw some blogs that he did on himself. He didn't wow me. He has potential, but he is far from polished.

The last Asian player that had an impact in the NFL was the Cowboy's Dat Nguynen, now a bare knuckle fighter who played almost 20 years ago.

If Lee truly loves the game of Football, he go where the journey will take him

The Als got a needed punter out of the draft, but I think this story sums up how useless the whole exercise is.

Any International player strong enough to attract media coverage in his country will end up in the NFL, not the CFL.

And it's funny, we hammer Ambrosie for CFL 2.0, yet are always calling him just a puppet of the Governors. So which is it in this case?


Scott Stinson: A run on punters, and odd tidings for CFL's global expansion...

Stinson is always cutting down the CFL. Besides no International player has been successful in the NFL either. Name one that did? That German Lineman playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is a success. Boris Bede is a success. Randy's vision of international is working. Next year's global class will be better

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I'm a Patriots fan and the best player out of the NFL program is probably their FB Jakob Johnson, also from Germany. Decent blocker, that's about it.

The classes may improve, but if the ultimate goal of CFL 2.0 is to get an International TV or streaming deal, it is highly doubtful that will ever happen. So what is the ROI for a league that is so cash strapped?

Johnson is playing a position that is being phased out in the NFL. He won't be in the NFL much longer.

The NFL doesn't need international players to sell "it's" game. they are content having international games in London and Mexico to sell jerseys. Nobody in Europe has stepped up to the plate to buy a franchise because of the expansion fee of the team and the logistics posed to hosting games

Attracting "media coverage" is hardly the same as a player potentially being useful.

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A story on Global draft pick 29 yr. old! William James:

Now are the Als going to have a Swedish language option on their website or a Japanese one for their other draft picks?

I posted this in the main site:

The New England Patriots, because FB Jakob Johnson, their player from the International Pathway program is from Germany, have their team website set up with a German language option.

Is a CFL team with lets say a player from Sweden or Japan willing or able to have a similar language option on their website?

If the league and teams are truly serious about CFL 2.0 it would certainly seem that it would require doing that to initiate realistic interest from Global countries.

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This year's NFLIPP participating teams passed on Taku Lee

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As per CFL Transactions the Als have now signed all 4 of their Global draft picks as well as WR Kevin Kaya from France who played for the Carabins.

I'm so desperate for some Als football, I'm even looking forward to see how the Globals do.

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Are you talking about T. Hansen? The guy that double Dion'd 2 of your Cats in the GreyCup for what might have been the hilite of the game?? Ya, we like him.

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