2021 Free Agents, Rookies and other thoughts

I just saw the listing of free agents for 2021. It is massive. I notice that some teams have free agents now that have not even worn the team jersey in a game. What do people think will happen? Will there be a lot of movement? Will teams be offering big money or will the purse strings be drawn tight? Will players hold out for more or sign for less? Then there is the prospect of 2 years' worth of rookies, those drafted in the spring of 2020 that didn't even get to camp and a whole new crop for 2021. Will there be 2 Global Players per team as before or more/less?
One thing, I think we can be sure of is you are going to need a program going into the first few games to know who is on your team.

The players are not free agents until Feb.9
The teams they were signed to last year can re-negotiate starting Dec. 7

Will any signing bonus paid before Dec.31 2020 count towards last season salary cap as it has done in previous seasons?

Question#2 ???
Has a new salary cap been declared or are we still on the old CBA which would be $5.35M

The original listing of potential free agents, on December,4 2020, had a total of 351 players; if we exclude the retired players and the ones released since then, the total is closer to 335. From December 7,2020 to December 31, 2020 a total of 92 players have been re-signed. The numbers, per team, are:

Winnipeg: 1.
BC: 6.
Toronto: 6.
Ottawa: 8.
Calgary: 9.
Hamilton: 12.
Saskatchewan: 12.
Montreal: 18.
Edmonton: 20.

Total of 92.


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This is quite the list!

When free agency begins, on February 9,2021, I expect that most of these players will have already been re-signed. I doubt that there will be many movements, particularly amongst top players.

Unfortunate for Masoli, but there won't be takers for a QB. All teams are set, although Hamilton will do the outcast to re-sign Masoli.


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Of the 18 CFL players representatives 10 are presently potential free agents; they are:

BC: 1, i.e. David Mackie
Calgary: 2, i.e. Charlie Power and Jamar Wall
Saskatchewan: 1, i.e. Charleston Hughes
Winnipeg: 1, i.e. Thomas Miles
Toronto: 1, i.e. Chris Ackie
Hamilton: 2, i.e. Mike Feler and Chris Van Zeyl
Montreal: 2, i.e. DJ Lalama and Henoc Muamba

I know that there are still 37 1/2 days before free agency open and many of these players should have been re-signed by then.



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Another installment from John Hodge rumours

Fixing CFL Free Agencyhttps://www.tsn.ca/dave-naylor-a-fix-for-the-cfl-s-free-agency-problem-1.1574382

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Since December 7,2020, a total of 196 potential free agents have re-signed with their respective teams; presently, there are still 142 potential free agents. These numbers don't include players that have been released or have retired. I include, per team, the numbers of players that have re-signed:

Toronto- 9
BC- 18
Winnipeg- 19
Calgary- 20
Hamilton- 23
Montreal- 23
Saskatchewan- 23
Edmonton- 27
Ottawa- 34

Total 196.

The numbers of remaining potential free agents, per team, are:

Hamilton- 10
Saskatchewan- 11
Ottawa- 14
Toronto- 14
Winnipeg- 14
Edmonton- 17
Calgary- 19
Montreal- 20
BC- 23

Total: 142

At noon tomorrow, the official Free Agency communication window will open; teams can then begin negotiating with players under contracts with other teams. The communication window will close at noon on February 7,2021. The Free Agency period will begin at noon on Tuesday, February 9,2021.

I am somewhat surprised of the high numbers of still potential free agents; there are many top players amongst these 142. I list, per team, some of these top players that should draw interest from other teams;

Larry Dean LB A
Mike Filer OL N
Patricks Levels LB A
Frankie Williams DB/KR A

Solomon Elimimian LB A
Charleston Hudges DL A
Cameron Judge LB N

Eva Johnson OL N
Jason Lauzon-Seguin OL N
Don Unamba LB A

Justin Medlock K A

Matthew O'Donnell OL N
Almondo Sewell DT A

Brandon Dozier DB A
Bradley Erkos OL N
Corderro Law DL A
Eric Rogers WR A

Ciante Evans DB A
Taylor Loffler DB N
Henoc Muamba LB N

Bryan Burnham WR A
Micah Johnson DL A
Chris Rainey RB/KR A
John White RB A

While I am positive that some of these players will be re-signed before noon on February 9,2021. others will definitely test free agency and could sign with another team.

It will be interesting.


Muamba watch is over

So just how is TO affording all of these big signings? I can't see how they will be under the cap or do they just not care? Buy a championship and then pay the penalties later. MLSE can afford it.


“What’s a salary cap?”


The Toronto Argonauts

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You know - - I still think they don't get out of the east. Entertaining and skilled but not sure if it buys the Cup.

I’m sure MLSE has enough accounts and sports wise staffers to monitor and advise ole Pinball about salary caps and budgets. If they don’t, Bell and Rogers surely do. And, no doubt, lawyers and attorneys out the wahzoo.

Let them play in the southern division with the XFL teams

The Argos would win that division too

I expect there will be a few VERY unhappy bigger contract guys come training camp or at latest the end of it ... and lots of criticism of how Pinball has forgotten what it was like to be a player and/or how heartless MLSE is.

I reckon before too long we can start talking more about free agents and roster shuffling. Anyway, it's noteworthy that Manny Arceneaux decided to find some game down here via the Indoor Football League, which I am amazed still exists with play starting very soon.

I wonder how much CFL game he has left in him? He was good enough to make an NFL roster too.

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I hope for the rest of May after the CFL Draft, instead of more of the temporary off-forum off-topic discussion as understandably is taking place and for the most part has been helpful, we move more to these routine discussions as perhaps many of you sorely miss as well.

I've been watching the CFL feed like many of you, but a whole lot of news is not really much but may that dam break any week now.

The chatter around player selection amongst many teams already is up in anticipation of going forward on time in August with camps breaking by June.

And if they have to move the entire play out west outdoors so be it rather than to be entangled in the lingering politics of any given province, but it appears that despite what is happening in Montreal now Quebec is handling this far better than is Ontario.

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