2021 Final standings predict and why

That will leave only Winnipeg and Regina?

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Sure but what have they done to address their offensive line? You can have every big name reciever on your roster but if Reilly can't get rid of the ball, what good are they?

It's based on who is in the championship game. It's a choice between two teams, not nine.

No prob. All is good

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Okay you had my attention earlier. But that last one belongs in the coo coo clock.
As in my above post Grey Cup week is to big to ignore.

The Lions under Oline Coach Bryan Chiu was a disaster,
When he was replaced by Kelly Bates there was a marked improvement to the Oline

Per the above, they signed Eastern All-Star Ryker Mathews at right tackle (and their centre Peter Godber is finally back from injury). What most don't realiize is that they were a different group under O-line coach Kelly Bates when he was hired at the end of August 2019. The O-line only gave up 15 sacks over his eight games coached (1.87 per game a marked improvement from 4.3 sacks per game under coach Bryan Chiu).

Yes, the season-ending injury to Reilly occurred on Bates' watch but the player that allowed Boateng and Santos-Knox free reign is no longer with the club. It's a tight-knit group in which 4/5s of the group has been working out year-round in Vancouver since the start of the pandemic

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Hope you are right. I'd love to see the Riders renew a rivalry with BC. Those were some fun years in the early 2010s


MLB is best of five in divisional playoffs and then best of seven in the league championship and World Series.

NBA is best of seven throughout the playoffs.
NBA G League is best of three.
WNBA is single elimination until the semi-finals then best of five.

NLL is single elimination until the Championship, then best of three.

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They are under new management, they have a hole to dig out of, Reilly may already be having health problem and I don't see anything there fundamentally different that tells me a big turnaround is coming

Thanks for the information, I don't watch a variety of sports

Watching a variety of sports is always good for the soul and mind.

Can always memorize the so called millenials on their sporting expertise :joy::sweat_smile::beers:


To me, this is a good thing.

McEvoy-Campbell/Campbell > Hervey/Claybrooks

I didn't dislike Ed. He was able to sign a lot of good free agents, but our US scouting has been a shambles. Hardly any US street free agents signed and/or made an impact for the past few seasons. Director of US scouting, Ryan Rigmaiden was a big acquisition from Winnipeg.

I guess time will tell

I wanna see the cuts before I make any predictions. This is the hardest year to predict. There will be veterans who lost their edge in the year off. There will be young players who had their development killed because of the year off. There will be all kinds of rookies to burst forth that we have absolutely no idea will become stars. There will be (and already are) issues with conditioning and injuries that will be completely unforeseen. There are several coaching staffs completely overhauled.

Things to consider:

BC: Looked MUCH better down the stretch until Reilly got hurt. They may have been 8-10 if Reilly kept playing. Their o-line much improved. A fast defense.

Stamps: Lost a ton of big names, especially at receiver and are looking to fill the holes through their development rather than sign proven vets. If anyone can do that it's Calgary but there are ALWAYS question marks with that.

Elks: Loaded with veteran talent just like '19, but will their defense hold their end up even after losing Sewell? Edmonton probably has the most continuity in personnel from where they left off.

Riders: How does the layoff and new OC affect Fajardo's development? Lost big names on o-line. TONS of major injuries in camp. Conditioning is a factor. Based on all this alone, hard to argue that they're not 4th or 5th.

Bombers: How much will Harris play? Not much change in their vets. If any team is ready to play early in the season it would probably be an O'Shea team.

Cats: Who plays QB? Simoni isn't young anymore. Can their o-line still perform? They will need it to keep using their deep game.

Argos: Too many big name weapons on roster, who will be cut? Arbuckle or Bethel or both and how will they take that mentally? Of all the no-names in their secondary will anyone step up? Does this roster have too much icing and not enough cake? (the icing sure looks good though).

Ottawa: Sinopoli is gone. Everything looks thin thin thin here personnel wise. Will Nichols have anyone to throw to? What rookies will step up? ('cause they'll need them).

Larks: Will Adams pick up where he left off or did the year away hurt him? Can anyone step up on defense? (there are not many names there).