2021 EDSF Play-By-Play Thread

One hour and twelve minutes to the start of the game, so I thought I'd create this thread where we talk about the game as it happens.

This is the first "Must Win" game, no matter what happened against the blew team. It is the first of three "Must Win" games at this point of the season, and we ALL want to watch Tiger-Cats football next week at our "home away from home". But, let's not look ahead.

I want the team to be focussed, but relaxed. I don't want to see them playing "tight" and make a bunch of nervous mistakes. I want to see them play with confidence and intensity.
I want to see Masoli have the best game of his career and LEAD this team to a win.
I want to see our Defence stifle Stanbeck and smother their receivers.
I want to see competent placekicking, excellent coverage, and great returns from the Special Teams.
Most of all, I want to see the Hamilton Tiger-Cats win the frickin' game.

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Put up or shut up (once more with feeling ).

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TSN drags out Duthie, hockey guy, for postseason again. Don't get it. If you think your CFL lineup lacks something then address it. If you think Duthie adds something then it should be self evident but it isnt.


The Ticat pregame show on Ticats.ca (with Fantuz) just confirmed that Ciante Evans is out today. They also just confirmed that Adeleke will replace Evans, and Katsantonis will start at free safety.

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Ratio issue solved?

More Action Jackson and no cat naps on D please.


Please Ticats if you get a good lead, don’t become complacent. Step on the gas pedal and go for the jugular

Oskee Wee Wee!!!


That's pretty big and a little scary.. Evans has been solid all year

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My feeling is " If you have the talent and still lose"and "we have the talent", its time to look closely at the coaching.

Blue Bomber fan in peace here Ti Cats fans. Good luck and I picked you guys to win.

Als looked pretty horrible last week and the Levels guarantee was a dumb move.

Good luck and have fun!



Ratio issue solved.

Not solved: having no backups available for 6 positions on the defence.

Is there a "Roster Management 101" course made available by the league? Someone will need to explain to me why Stribling was taken off the roster, leaving us at least one player short, when we knew C.Evans was hurt.

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all 3 guy's on TSN picking Montreal, do they really know something we don't. Maybe this game is rigged. LGTC's lets go out and kick some butt.

For the record I would have liked Evans as starter. Masoli will be ok though!

Bad Planning by the coaching staff to leave the Cats in a defencive problem.

The co-GMs have a lot to answer for. The HC can only play the guys he's been supplied with...

“How long of a leash will Masoli have today?”.

Bwahaha! Seriously?

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Football weather! Here you guys go!!!! Beautiful!

Ticats D Looks very good 15mins into the game

Doesn’t look like a sell out. I thought COVID restrictions were lifted?

Good FP to start

White had nobody between him and the end-zone. A crappy pass my Masoli...

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