2021 EDSF discussion: MTL@HAM

the Tiger Cats are the only team not to win the Gray Cup in the 21st century. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Appearances Team Wins Losses Win % Last Win
25 Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11 14 .440 2019
23 Toronto Argonauts 17 6 .739 2017
23 Edmonton Elks 14 9 .609 2015
21 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8 13 .381 1999
19 Saskatchewan Roughriders 4 15 .211 2013
18 Montreal Alouettes 7 11 .389 2010
17 Calgary Stampeders 8 9 .471 2018
10 BC Lions 6 4 .600 2011
3 Ottawa Redblacks 1 2 .333 2016

Uh oh. Narrative alert.


I do like how the finalists including myself, in the CFL-GCC 2021 are all picking the Cats this Sunday (2 yet to pick) Also, they are split on the West

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Yeah, but the playoffs though..

If Addison doesn't play this Sunday, I think that it will be 50/50 on Ticats chances to
What I would like to know is How many picks is Masoli allowed ? before Coach O
puts in Evans. I say at least three.

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The guy has only thrown 6 ints the entire season and yet your bold prediction is if he throws half as many as he has thrown all season in one game ? With fans like you the team doesn't need any enemies .


My problem is not with Masoli, its with a Coach who is willing to hold onto one QB
from hell to high water. Coach O does not know when to pull his QB when hes cold
and insert QB (1b), who is just as talented. If I was the coach I would be using the
two QB system. I hate to think we could lose this game with a talented QB sitting on
the bench. I'm just getting a head start on this situation before everyone else jumps

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Makes sense. If the starting qb,whoever he is, fails to move the offense then you bring in the back up. And if the back up fails you can always go back to the starter. Whatever it takes to win.

So you're suggesting we have 2 good QBs and shouldn't be afraid to use both.

Someone should email this idea to Coach O. We'll refer to it as a 1a/1b situation.


6 picks in 12 games for Masoli, guess he is in for a full 60


TiCats' ESF depth chart is out -- No Addison, Vornkahl at LT, Des Lawrence is back. Ciraco again shown as starting C, with Yarbrough backing up. Papi White still in as the returner and backup WR.
Compared to last game:
In -- Des Lawrence, Vornkahl & Schnitzler
Out -- Stribling, Murray, M. Bennett & Irons
I count only 44 names.

Eugene Lewis & Tony Washington are both back in the MTL line-up.
Full Charts for both teams here:

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Ciante Evans being listed as a GTD is a bit of a concern . If he indeed can't go and is scratched that leaves us with virtually no back-ups in the secondary as Katsantonis will have to start . The only other option would be perhaps Beverette sliding back to start in the secondary from his back-up role at LB backing up Lawrence .

Either way if we get an in game injury to one of our D-Backs we could be in a wee bit of doo doo tomorrow .

Where are Sinkfield or Carter when you need them?

Rumour is that they got jobs elsewhere now . :clown_face: :clown_face:

Jake Burt, GTD.


Playoffs. Frankie Williams, all star, award winning DB/STs . No details, no prognosis, no updates. Nothing.

Team doesn't say. Media doesn't ask.

Is there another city on planet Earth with a professional sports franchise where this happens ?

I heard Glanville, Elvis, Burt and Mark Chapman all have tickets waiting for them at Guest Services.




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