2021 EDSF discussion: MTL@HAM

3 days out and the weather forecast has changed. :unamused:
Chance of precip has doubled to 80%, with up to 3 cm of snow, and the fairly strong winds (19-29 km/hr) are now predicted to come from the NE, rather than the SE.

I vote "under" because MTL will move away from the running game once we take an early lead. And also because we held Stanback to 40 and 59 yards in our first two meetings.

It's tough when two guys account for 80% of your receiving TDs and then one of them goes and gets injured. How would our defence ever know who to focus on?

Eugene Lewis could miss East Semi-Final due to injury: report | 3DownNation

Whatever the head issue is, it's not getting better. With Thursday's practices now included in the teams' injury reports Murray has gone from Full Tuesday, to Limited Wenesday, to DNP today, Thursday. Better news -- MTL's top receiver did not participate in their practice today. A hip issue had not kept Eugene Lewis from being a full participant in their previous 2 practices.

After posting, I see I'm a minute or two behind ExPat with the report on Lewis in MTL.

On another note -- Was there a "blackout" at TiCats' practice, today? Other than the, posted, injury report, going on 4 hrs., now, past today's session, I can't find anything from the coach, players, staff, or reporters.

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Not worried about Murray. Vornkahl played well at LT

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But, if Ciraco only plays a series, again, or not at all, the only choice for OL backup(s) will be Gibbon or/and Bencze.

Very true. Leaves us very thin depth wise

It appears that we need four starting-caliber Offensive Tackles just to field two each game.

Banks may switch nationalities after the first series yet again.

Sure looking that way. We’ll see tomorrow what happens with Murray

If the weather report stays like @ottawacat describes up above then both these teams could have over a hundred yards rushing.

We’ve never dressed both Vornkahl and Murray though. It’s always been one or the other. Only Yarborough has dressed as an extra American to cover either guard or centre. Whoever the Canadian backup was last game will be the same this week. We don’t have a lot of olinemen on the roster period.

[quote="Schweinhund, post:71, topic:74963"]

We’ve never dressed both Vornkahl and Murray though. .................... [/quote]

Good observation, Schweinhund.

This tweet surprised me, but I guess it makes sense. We only had one bad season in that timeframe. Would have guessed CAL though.

From 2013 to 2021, no other team in the CFL has hosted more home playoff games or had more home playoff wins than the Tiger-Cats.

In that case, let's get to the Grey Cup and keep the Home playoff wins rolling!

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That will upset some of the posters. Doesn’t fit their narrative.


By my reckoning Calgary and Hamilton were tied over that time period with 7 home games and 5 home wins each

Does your reckoning extend for two more days?

Unfortunately I don't think so. Just look at my results in the "CFL-GCC 2021" thread.

Not sure what the narrative could be.
We've been to 3 Grey Cups, the east has been a dumpster fire, and a sub .500 Ottawa inexplicably won the Grey Cup

Just adds more fuel to the anger that somehow Toronto and Ottawa have Grey Cups in that timeframe and somehow, we don't.


Lower expectations, settle for less and you'll feel better.