2021 EDSF discussion: MTL@HAM

There there ! The Cats don’t give out information to aid the “emeny” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Great news!!

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I hope Bralon gets to play, but if there's any question of him not being ready to go a full game, I'd choose to leave him out because of the question - Who would he be replacing?
If he's good to go, I'd like see 8 receptions for over 100 yds, 4 carries for 35 or more yds. and 1 for 1 passing reviving, for a play, his impressive skills as a high school QB in Texas:

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If that’s the case (and I doubt it is) it’s a welcome change from June Jones who basically posted x-rays on social media.

This line might qualify as ‘post of the year’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Non selection committee members cannot make nominations they can only submit them for consideration. Respect the process.


Great news indeed!
FYI - Addison is signed thru 2022


Always good to have great players on the il

TiCats have the most all-stars (10) in the East -- Adeleke, Acklin, Brooks, Davis, S. Lawrence, Revenberg, Rolle, Van Zeyl, T. White & Wynn. TOR & MTL 7 each, OTT 3.


Don’t let Garney see this, Masoli would slide to #3 on the QB depth chart.

I am a big CVZ backer but a little surprised with his bad start and injuries he made it.

Papi White

Or #4. Remember, the TiCats do have an undefeated starting QB, this year.

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Just saw flashed on the TV that Addison has been activated off the IR.
Coach O must have watched your video post.

With playoffs starting and game cheques ended, is there still any reason to keep any players on the 6-game?

Yes. You can only dress 45 dudes.

They could be on the 1-game injured list. And doesn’t that mean they could practice with the team?

Practice update day 2

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU FRI Game Status
Bralon Addison WR Hamstring DNP Limited
Mason Bennett DL Eye DNP DNP
Malik Carney DL Healthy Scratch Full Full
Darius Ciraco OL Back Limited Limited
Mike Daly DB Shoulder Limited Limited
Wes Hills RB Healthy Scratch Full Full
Ted Laurent DL Knee Limited Full
Desmond Lawrence DB Shoulder Limited Full
Jordan Murray OL Head Full Limited
Travis Vornkahl OL Healthy Scratch Full Full
David Watford QB Healthy Scratch Full Full
Kyle Wilson LB Healthy Scratch Full Full

So Jordan Murray sustained a head injury during the one of our non-contact practices?

Could be a migraine. Trust me, you are EXTREMELY limited with one…