2021 EDSF discussion: MTL@HAM

Feel free to express your view. I didn’t get around to Defence or Special Teams.

Keep the faith brother. Take good care up there.

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Cats opened -4.5 favourites.

Lots of points if you ask me. But Vegas seems confident.

By comparison Sask is only a -1.5 favourite over Calgary.

Hopefully the Cats also play smart - no idiotic penalties.

You picked them by 5 earlier in this thread.

Maybe Vegas is taking its lead from you.

Made (lost) enough bets to get a sense where things are going.

Having said that there’s been some relatively simple CFL bets this year as Vegas doesn’t pay as close attention given the lessor amounts of money being put on CFL games.

Made money all year picking unders. They never adjusted.

I would go with the guy in Montreal to date.

Domagala has made 7 out of his 10 FG attempts. Two of his misses were in his first pro CFL game so he might have been nervous. He will be good moving forward.


Hope he does well. Need all the pieces to fall into place at the right time to bring that Grey Cup back to Hamilton.

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ESF Practice update

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU FRI Game Status
Mason Bennett DL Eye DNP
Malik Carney DL Healthy Scratch Full
Darius Ciraco OL Back Limited
Mike Daly DB Shoulder Limited
Wes Hills RB Healthy Scratch Full
Ted Laurent DL Knee Limited
Desmond Lawrence DB Shoulder Limited
Travis Vornkahl OL Healthy Scratch Full
David Watford QB Healthy Scratch Full
Kyle Wilson LB Healthy Scratch Full
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The biggest shock here is that they are practicing for 4 days rather than the usual 3 days. Time to get serious I guess?


Maybe we will even have a team meeting on Saturday while MTL is traveling.

Team vote on who should start at RB?
Sorry wrong year.

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So is Frankie done, or what ? If only their was a locally based professional information provider that could ask.

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  1. Crunch the numbers. Who’s more cost effective ? We’re not running a charity here.

The last time MTL came to HAM for the playoffs, exactly seven years ago today, an emerging star named Brandon Banks delivered one of the greatest post-season performances in Tiger-Cat history. Two punt return touchdowns of 93 and 88 yards (and a potential third one that was called back), plus four catches and three carries for a total of 294 yards of offence.

“Of course, we won,” Banks said. “They guaranteed a win, didn’t they so (they) can eat those words.

Here’s the video of Speedy’s unbelievable second TD, when we were only up by 6 points with just over 4 minutes left in the game: Brandon Banks punt return NOV 23, 2014 - YouTube

A couple of recaps:

Montreal Gazette: Alouettes’ fairy tale season ends with East final loss to Tiger-cats

CBC: Brandon Banks returns 2 punts for TDs to lead Ticats back to Grey Cup

“He did a better job than our cover team,” Montreal head coach Tom Higgins said. “I think we might have missed 13 tackles on one play, probably a guy had two shots at him. He had an outstanding performance and hats off to him.”

No longer an emerging star, Banks is now a seasoned veteran, the reigning CFL MOP, and a future Hall of Famer. I say it’s Speedy B Time again on Sunday.


Rod black. “Oh no, Not again”.

Almost as bad as Suitor yelling “Oh no” on Milt Stegalls walk off TD. No he wasn’t wearing his Rider jersey in the booth.

Even though there was still 4 minutes left after that Banks TD, a bunch of Als fans sitting beside us suddenly got up, said “Good Luck Next Week” and bolted for the exit. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Collaros: 199 yds passing. 0 TDs 0 Ints 1 Fumble.

Crompton : 313 yds 3 Tds 3 INTs

Funny thing, QB stats. Sometimes it really is all about winning.

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