2021 EDSF discussion: MTL@HAM

Do or die time. Will we live to fight another week?

Momentum: HAM has won 4 of its last 5. Does the SSK win help the team move past the disappointing loss in TOR?

MTL has won just 1 of its last 4, with that win coming against a partial WPG squad. We know they were trying to win against OTT but fell short. If only they could have beaten all the non-playoff teams (versus losses to BC and OTT), they’d be sitting at 9 wins and hosting a playoff game.

HAM went 5-2 at home in 2021. MTL is confident in its record on road games, despite only beating OTT, EDM and HAM in an unlikely last-minute comeback:

But throughout the season our guys have shown that they can beat anyone, including Hamilton, on the opponents’ home field.

Steinauer is not even considering the possibility of losing:
‘Lose won’t enter my mind’: Orlondo Steinauer preparing for ‘comprehensive’ test against Als, ‘champion’ Trevor Harris

Injuries: HAM appears to have emerged relatively unscathed from the SSK game, and may even have Addison back. MTL had Tony Washington, Eugene Lewis and Matthew Shiltz out with injuries last game.

QB: Trevor Harris will be starting in just his fourth game as an Alouette. He has not played at Tim Hortons Field since the beat-down he took in the playoffs in 2019. Hopefully that memory stays fresh with him.

I don’t recall whether there has been any discussion on this board about our QB situation, but we are presumably starting Masoli. Some may well ask: What version of Jeremiah Masoli shows up?

When the Tiger-Cats are right and healthy, they’re as complete a team as you’ll find. As such, all they need is their quarterback to be effective and reliable like we’ve seen from Masoli on most occasions. We’ll find out Sunday if Masoli’s last performance in a big spot was simply a blip on the radar or indicative of something more concerning.

RB: CFL rushing leader Stanback has been held in check against HAM, with his two lowest-yardage games of the season (prior to being rested last week) coming against us. Don Jackson has provided a spark for HAM but was held to 2.8 yards per carry last game.

Receiver: I like our guys, but MTL’s receivers scare me a bit. Especially Weineke and Lewis with 20 TDs between them. More than our whole team combined, but also accounting for 80% of MTL’s receiving TDs - too predictable, or just unstoppable?


Great post.

Hold Stanback in check
Limit Harris's ability to go downfield
Get Don Jackson going.

Do those things and Timmy Chang could win this one.

Cats should be about a 2.5 pt favourite.

I like them by 5.


I'm thinking like Coach "O"
3 game win streak,
I don't care how


All I know is we better have good lead after 3 quarters....cause if the game is close late in the 4th quarter, I don't trust this offence to run out the clock if we are leading OR go and score if we are behind.

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How’s your confidence in our defence to make a stop if we are up by, say, 4 points and MTL gets the ball back on their 35 with 90 seconds left in the game?

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It depends if Mark Washington decides to rush more than three linemen…


Does anybody know the status of Frankie Williams? we could use him. The man is one of our best defensive players.

I definitely think the SSK win(albeit over some of their backups) helped us ease some of the pain from that Argos loss.

I think if we have a balanced offensive plan, employ the run, mix up some passes, short and long. Get Masoli running on a few QB options.

Cut down on the undisciplined penalties. If the defense can stay aggressive, especially in the 4th quarter. I believe we win this game.


Frankie is out with concussion protocol
He has had concussion problems dating back to his days at Purdue in 2014

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Trivia question:

The last time Montreal beat Hamilton in the post-season was in the year _________?

Magic 8 ball says future uncertain. It’s all up to the team now… :crossed_fingers:t2:

8 ball or not I think it’s always up to the team. :wink:

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Agreed. Especially the Don Jackson part. Establish a solid ground game and everything else will fall in line nicely

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Awesome gameplan. Do you have Condell’s e-mail? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for that info Grover. Frankie has been relatively healthy since he’s been here in Hamilton so I was not aware of the history of his concussion problems. Hopefully he will be OK.

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Thanks for the info. Shame, he won’t be playing on Saturday

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Very good postings.

We need both Effort and Execution again, to keep our foot on the gas and play with killer instinct right to the final whistle, stay away from mistakes and penalties and we should be off to TO for Dec 5 final.

Let's keep it positive and cheer on the gang :grinning:

Wish I could be there will be cheering with my Tiger :tiger2:in our LR in Wpg.

Tigers eat em raw!


You poor man living in the peg as a ticat fan …must get ridiculed all the time!

No confidence with 90 seconds left. Some confidence with 30 seconds or less.

Prevent defence just prevents you from winning!


I have never let that stop me cheering on our black and gold.

It was a bit easier when Blue were the team with the longest cup drought then thanks to 2 years ago now we are.

My older bro was a Blue fan but we teased each other politely.

In 98 I had a heart attack and he watched the G cup game for me against Stamps.

In 99 he died of cancer and I watched our win same 2 teams and our last cup.

O have seen over the tears a lot of Blue fans turn on their teM and jn our ups and downs I never have or will.


And who has the most reliable field goal kicker?