2021 Edmonton Roster

I might as well start the new thread for sake of team chatter.

Sean Whyte still to kick, and now Hugh O'Neill and that beard are back to punt? What's not to like?

I do believe that beard is of Stanley Cup playoff-envy and was graduated from the Paul Bunyan Barber School.

I'm clean-shaven here, but maybe some others have opinions on these matters here in slow-time.

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Lonely here Paolo. Things still ticking somewhat on the Ticat board. I guess that people want a name first.

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Looking at the Esks roster; and in relation to all the typical CFL talk about CFL teams having "ratio problems" or lacking depth in Canadian talent:

The Eks have 9 (!) Canadian receivers on their roster currently: Tevaughn Smith (emerged as a good starter as a rookie last season); plus 3 other guys with significant CFL starting or playing experience - Mike Jones (Ticats); Anthony Parker (Stamps +); Jimmy Ralph (Argos); plus their own former draft picks - Harry McMaster; Shai Ross: Hunter Karl: and a couple of other CFL teams draft picks - Dan Vandervoort (BC 1st rounder) and Malik Richards (Bombers)

No way they can carry near all those guys; and likely only one NI starter ? - some other CFL teams can look there for TC cuts to pick-up a receiver if they have need.

An example of outstanding Canadian talent /depth on one CFL team at a specific position group (the Bombers with Harris + Augustine & Oliveira at RB another example); and the Esks also have Boateng, Matt Betts, plus 3 DE types from last draft for TC competition at that spot. But meanwhile, they basically have an empty cupboard at Canadian LB now - however there is a real deep LB crop (IMO) this coming draft if they want to re-stock there.

A point being - there is lots of Canadian talent out there for CFL teams to look at; and not the opposite as some Canadian talent, ignorant nay-sayers /
no "depth" commentators love to spew.

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