2021 Eastern Division Finals Play-By-Play Thread

The most important game of the season Part III.
Part I was the last time we played the blew team, and look what THAT got us.
Part II was last week's game against Montreal, and we STILL argue over it (not that that's surprising).

With everything in the news about MBT and his cronies, the special treatment the League gives to the blew team (robably time to force MLSE out of their ownership, ie: revoke the franchise and have the League rin the team until a suitable owner can be found), and everything else, it would gall me to no end if Hamilton poops the bed again.

Oskee Wee Wee!


The Cats have to be ready, no distractions. Go Cats Go. Oskee Wee Wee!!

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Cheers to a well played hard fought close game, stay well, stay healthy.

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Listening to the TiCat Audio Network pregame show…

Luis B, buddy…. stop trying to be the new flavour of Kool Aid.

Not trying to be mean here and I understand that it s a tough job for him but he’s not the best at it. Interview questions and delivery are amateurish at best. I’ve stopped listening to him.

I think he’s good but his charitable BS for players is cringeworthy.

TSN sending Naylor out to settle the waters and defend the league.

Not sure if I’ve ever been to three games at BMO in one season before this. Maybe 2016 Grey Cup year?

You have to remember who's providing him with a pay cheque each week (or two).

Surprised that Sanchez & Stegall called the league's decision for what it is.


This game is on Masoli's shoulders. If he plays mediocre,we lose period.

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Which I give him props for, repping the team.

OK, some good vintage Masoli please.

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You want a guy with more turnovers than completed passes?

Why start the negative stuff already? Come on man! Or was this tongue in cheek😝

I forgot the LOL emoji. I was just having fun.

I want "great" Masoli today.

Sorry team game, everyone will have to do their part

Here we go

Way to start... SMDH