2021 Division Finals

Eastern Depth Charts are out.
Cats' changes from last week:
IN: C.Evans, Watford, Frey, Murray & Mulumba
OUT: Vornkahl, Yarbrough, Gnahoua, Mauldin & Autry

The activation of Watford is a surprise. I guess he'll be named the Reserve tomorrow but, with this line-up, the Reserve could be an American, a National or a Global player.

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Looks like Watford will be used in short yardage situations?

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Maybe in the most important game of the year so far, they would prefer an emergency 3rd-string QB instead of a 5th-string LB who only plays on STs...

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Could well be.
I see the Riders' chart for the Western Final, shows 3 QBs, as did their chart, last week. Meanwhile TOR and WPG show just 2. WPG has Harris starting at RB, but with a GTD designation.

The other, more obvious (but speculative) explanation for having the third-string QB on standby is less exciting for HAM.

(Except for some who might welcome news of a last-minute injury, although at the moment they would have to restrain themselves as they don't know which one may be hurt.)


So they have 3 QBs and only 1 back-up O-lineman
Vornkahl and Yarbrough both sit with Murry coming back from injury with only 1 full day of practice.
Maybe they just want to get everyone a playoff game?

Not scared of Pipken.

During the news conference today Coach O was asked why he has 3 QBs on the starting lineup but he refused to answer. Would only say that Masoli and Evans would dress tomorrow

Well if it's for a trick play it will be hard to trick them now.

Almost as bad as when Jamie Boreham was practicing throwing on the sidelines before a fake.


I would think he probably ends up being the scratch, but for what purpose. Does the scratched player still get a game check?

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Can Watford play center?

No Addison?

So according to the collective agreement all players on the active or injured list get the playoff bonus. So it looks like they moved Watford to the active roster so he would get the bonus.

cfl-cflpa-collective-agreement-2019.pdf (cfldb.ca)
Section 12 states
IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED throughout the term of this Agreement that each
Player on the Roster and/or Injured Players’ List of a Member Club finishing in first place and/or
participating in Playoff games shall be paid the minimum compensation.

If the roster on the Ti-Cats site is up to date they moved Yarbrough, Gnahoua and Autry to the practice roster so no bonus for them this game


Looks like for once the ticats roster on the website is up to date, since shows daly moved to 1 game injured list now Which explains why he was cleared to practice but was limited . No doubt he will likely be on the Sidelines helping coach DB's again tomorrow

So they are adjusting the roster to get players at least one playoff bonus instead of dressing the players that give us the best chance to win. Does that mean they already know the league is giving the game to TO?

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Played a man short half the year what's the difference.


I think there has only been one person suggesting that roster decisions have been based on paycheque considerations.

You might also consider the possibility that the coaches are trying to field the best team they can.


You know ExPat , I'm looking forward to the end of this season , just so I don't have to read some of the inane nonsense that others keep posting .

Pat Lynch ( :roll_eyes:)


How I see it: It's 50/50 for the Cats at the very best to win this game without the use
of Addison and letting Masoli stay in the game to the very last no matter how he plays.

So keep your fingers crossed.

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