2021 Crossover Watch

It's still early, but this is a message board. So what do you think will happen?

Right now the Als are the 3rd place team in the East with 4 points.

Also with 4 points are the 4th and 5th place teams out West; the Alberta twins.

How do you see it all shaking out?

I predict there won't be a crossover this season. I have more confidence in Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal than I have in Calgary or Edmonton.


Short answer.
Als have an easier second half (3x Ott 2x Tor), in fact they haven't reached their second half they have 9 games left.... But Edmonton is starting to play better with 8 games left.
I believe Edm will squeeze this one out.
Week 14 both teams tied, week 15 Edm leads by 1 game. They can chase the Cup from there.

Long answer

If there was a full 18 game schedule then there would be enough time for one of the Alberta teams to get hot down the stretch. But with only 14 games that time is running out. Montreal Edmonton and Calgary may all have 2 wins each but Montreal has a game in hand on the Elks and TWO on the Stamps. Furthermore Edmonton without Harris is clearly not the same team (although one could argue that Calgary is actually better with Maier).

At the beginning of the season I predicted that there would be no x-over and right now the x-over is looking less and less likely. Montreal has a better chance of finishing first in the east than they do of missing the playoffs to a western team.

Not happening this year
No chance

Besides which; after Winnipeg & Saskatchewan, who do you think has a chance at a cross? The terrible AB twins? Or Lions?

Out East Toronto and Hamilton will easily make playoffs
So only chance for cross is if Montreal falls apart (unlikely imo)

I think (and hope) because of Montreal’s relatively easy schedule, and the fact that they haven’t gotten into any rhythm having had two bye- weeks already, that they will land in 2nd or third with enough points. Toronto as well.

Well, they blew one of those "easy" games vs the Argos. :cowboy_hat_face:

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All of a sudden, the Als, Reds, Elks and Stamps are all locked up at 4 points each.

Sorry Brutus. I wasn't impling Tor is an easy team I was simply stating Al's have an easier second half. I could've displayed Elks games to make my point but didn't.
So I will now, you can judge
Elks 2x Wpg
Elks 2x Saskatchewan
Elks vs Ham
Elks vs BC

And yes the Argo's have the Bombers by their nuggets yearly.

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Things are getting really tight around that 3 spot in the East.

Right now Montreal is all alone in the cat bird seat with 6 points. Toronto and Hamilton are both barely ahead of them with 8 points, while Ottawa is barely behind them at 4 points.

Calgary is the fourth place West team, and they are tied with Montreal at 6 points. #3 BC has 8 points, while #5 Edmonton has 4 points.

Edmonton is the only team in the West that's played 7 games instead of 8, while Hamilton is the only team in the East that's played 8 games instead of 7.

Montreal has overtaken Hamilton for 2E, while Calgary has nosed ahead of BC for 3W.

So 3E Hamilton is tied with 4W BC with 8 points.

Ottawa and Edmonton have fallen way back with 4 points each.

Saskatchewan, Montreal and Calgary all have 10.

I can't imagine the mass Seppuku that would be going on in the Ti-Cat room if the x-over knocked Hamilton out of the playoffs during their anointed Grey Cup year. :S

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Just 24 days ago the Als were tied with the Redblacks for last place in the East. Now they are tied with the Argos for first place.


To assert that the Als are 'alone atop the division' when the Argos have identical records implies that you are instituting tiebreakers. By that same token you cannot ignore tiebreakers when you state that they were tied with Ottawa a month ago. Indeed they would have held tiebreak over the Redblacks even then with their 51-29 win in Ottawa putting the Als alone in 3rd place.

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You are correct, I got a little carried away.

Fixed my post.

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That's okay. After a few beers I get carried away too. Sometimes the words come out wrong pickles keyboard ardvaark.

I'm going to predict that after Winnipeg beats BC (badly... again) and Hamilton beats Ottawa (they BETTER), the crossover possibility will greatly diminish. Also, to increase game day sales for the next Toronto home game against BC, management plans to give away free inflatable sex dolls (the ones from the dollar store) emblazoned with the team logo to all walk up ticket purchasers. That way if the Argos lay yet ANOTHER EGG... at least some their totally screwed over fans will be able to return the favor.

GO BOMBERS!!! :partying_face: :boom:

Walk up customers ? In Toronto ? Seriously ? Didn't know that existed .

Well if they're Dollar Store bought a $20.00 dollar bill will probably take care of things and the team will get change back on top of it as well as a few leftover inflatables .

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My guess is no crossover. BC/Edmonton will be home in time for their Thanksgiving dinners.

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Im Going to attempted to bring this thread back on topic

Would that be Crossover sex dolls??

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I think it could come down to the November 5th game, BC at Hamilton. If BC wins they have a good chance of the crossover to play the Argos or Als.