2021 COVID restrictions - Suggestion to provide pay-per-view as an option

I would like to put forth a proposal to the heads at the CFL.

Should full-capacity fans still not be allowed in stadiums in 2021, a pay-per-view should be instituted. I, among several other people that I have spoken to, would be more than willing to pay a fee to watch the games.

Need CFL back, and am willing to pay to see the Bombers continue their new-found dominance!

Welcome to the forums, @3rdand10fromthe55!

The pay-per-view idea has been floated before - I'm just one guy, but I don't think it makes sense for the league to pursue. It just wouldn't be adopted in numbers big enough to be worth the work to make it possible.

I'd rather you folks all simply subscribe to TSN Direct ($20/mo) and with the higher numbers TSN would see, the league still wins there. I also would like to see if we can purchase a TSN Direct pass for all season ticket holders and maybe smooth that path for them...