2021 CFL season schedule discussion (was: "Who came up with the schedule?")

Looked at it for only a few seconds and noticed that
Montreal plays Ottawa 6 times(including preseason)
Montreal does not play IN Calgary
SSK does not play in Montreal

Are they trying to kill the league?

Sask plays in Montreal in Week 9 on August 5.

There's more intra-divisional play this year. It will save some travel cost and will get more meaningful opponents more often.

Argos do not host BC or Calgary next year which I'm perfectly fine with, as long as they both visit in 2022.

If Halifax happens I think this is a sign of things to come


The thing I don't like is Toronto and Hamilton play pre-season games back to back against each other and then Toronto is on the bye week to open week 1. After that, Toronto and Hamilton have back to back games again. So the first four games for Toronto, including pre-season, are against Hamilton.


Argos game vs. Calgary July 10 is a neutral 'home' game. Site TBD.

Being a 4pm EST start it gives flexibility to play in either the Atlantic or even in Western Canada...less travel for the Stamps.

...rumour is it will be at a field laid out on top of a mountain meadow high in the rockies somewhere, site is secret...

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You have accurately described the two main goals of the changes this year: More intra-divisional play, save a bit on travel costs.


I get it right about now, we will take any game no matter how many times the teams play each other.
But, like some have said, my Argos including the preseason will play the neighbouring Cats 6 times.
That's crazy.

And even crazier is the Argos playing Hamilton 4 in a row to start the year.

WOW. That will be really, really good. WOW. https://www.argonauts.ca/2020/11/20/2021-cfl-schedule-released/

I have to say one more time...WOW.

All games should be played in Toronto or Vancouver for social distancing precautions. This way the league wouldn't have to throttle back attendance. (-:


...I sense the sarcasm in this one is strong....

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If that is the reason, fine, I am ok with it...But I don't want this to be a regular thing

6 games against Ottawa is just stupid

Now its just getting stupid Mtl plays ottawa 3 in a row

Sounds like a dying league to me..

Cant afford to have 9 teams play eachother home and away at least once.. great way to sell to new and young Canadians..

I'm sure those labour day crowds will be out each and every one of the 6 games Hamilton and Toronto have against each other this year

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I agree playing the same team 3/4 times in a row is excessive and hopefully next year won't be that frequent

Should Halifax join each team can play a division opponent 3 times maximum in the regular season. Have at least different opponents for the pre-season at least but understand the reasoning for 2021.

I like the idea of more divisional matchups and have been suggesting that for years.

I wish they'd spread them out a bit more though. The Argos and Cats play two back-to-back series (not including preseason). I'd rather see one early season game and one late season game in addition to the Labour Day back-to-backs.

I like that the Argos are trying to make the most of their CNE games but it means they're doing three games in about two weeks. Glad to see CNE games against Hamilton and Ottawa. That should bring in a few more out of town fans.

But what are they actually saving? Montreal saved 1 trip to Calgary! Edmonton saved one trip to Montreal. Is that really going to make a difference?

It also means one more home date against a team that should draw better than a team from the other division.

But will familiarity lead to smaller crowds? We'll see. I'm betting not.