2021 CFL Schedule

Well That's not true in Hamilton .

Vanier in Hamilton was terrible for attendance .

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I wanted to say something about the 2021 CFL Schedule.

I just noticed that both HAM and TOR get four bye weeks. That must be a first?

With 18 games in 21 weeks, you'd think everyone gets three byes. But HAM and TOR play each other twice in week 13 (Labour Day). Therefore they both have 16 games spread over the other 20 weeks.

Poor TOR has to play Sat Aug 28 (SSK), Wed Sept 1 (HAM) and Mon Sept 6 (@ HAM). Three games in 10 days. We are only slightly better off as our first game of that stretch is on Fri Aug 27 (@ MTL), so three games in 11 days. Then both teams get a bye the following week.

I also noticed that TOR only needs to take one flight before October, for an August game in BC. (That is, if they can bus or train to OTT and MTL.) But then they have three games in the West in October.

Argos (schedule) sucks!

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I thought I read something about increased bye weeks in the last CBA. Has it even been ratified yet?

The Argos and Ti-Cats have 4 bye weeks because they're playing twice on week 13, the Wednesday before Labour Day and the classic itself.

It's effectively 4 bye weeks with 'negative bye' week, making it a net of 3

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