2021 CFL GCC - Semi-Final

So far, everyone else is picking my Cats in the East and split in the West

Trying to get more fans to go ?

I see Riders getting out of the West.

No, just lack to update odds according to Covers/American odds

NOTE: Both picks must be in before game time.
If they miss out for some reason then the next 2 in line are,

  1. 60YearFan - Hamilton, Saskatchewan
  2. Maaax - Hamilton, Saskatchewan

Here are my picks:


Sorry Maaax, you're out. :s

So, only prairiedog picked Montreal...wow!

Top 5 below the number 8 spot,

60YearFan - Hamilton, Saskatchewan
Maaax - Hamilton, Saskatchewan
WeGotTheCup - Montreal, Sakatchewan
CFLukb69 - Hamilton, Calgary
Pau_Ste_Marie - Montreal, Calgary

Games are Stellar CFL Football
Top 4 moving on to the Final are,

MtnCat 2-0
Kav2001c 2-0
papazoola 2-0
Grannybomberfan 1-1