2021 CFL GCC - Semi-Final

Below is the top 8 in the GCC Final Standings,
Top 4 move on to the GCC Final, Tie-Breakers remain the same according to rank.
The West finished ahead in Inter-Divisional Games 14-10.
Fist time in a number of years there is no cross over this season.

The CFL-GCC 2021 Champion wins the Hugh Campbell award

  1. Grannybomberfan - Angelo Mosca award for finishing in first place
  2. MtnCat - Abbey award for most perfect weeks with 5 (TIE)
  3. kav2001c - Abbey award for most perfect weeks with 5 (TIE)
    {3. kav2001c - Bud Grant award for longest winning streak with 15}
  4. T44
  5. prairiedog72
  6. aulcee
  7. papazoola
  8. Abendschan

East SemiFinal: Tim Hortons Field
Montreal (7-7) +4.5 at Hamilton (8-6) -4.5

West Semi-Final: Mosaic Stadium
Calgary (8-6) +2.5 at Saskatchewan (9-5) -2.5

Cheers and best of luck in your picks,

Let the madness begin, Abbey



Rest assured ladies and gentlemen still in the competition, many of us lurking in the shadows or on the sidelines stand, sit, or stoop in admiration as you compete for this treasured seasonal prize.

But this year it might take some stronger drink or finer herb or both to get through the season you know, but we carry on cheering you all on.

Go forth mightily now with your bad selves.



Thank you for the Abbey award. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone involved. Its been a great season, just wish my Cats didn't blow the games against Montreal and the Arblows. I'd also like to thank the lord....


Also, Go Cats! Oskee Wee Wee!


Hamilton is a given

I think Saskatchewan will prevail

Good luck to all!

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Good luck final 8.

16th I will take as the teams simply ignored my picks week after week.

I said a while back.
I reckon it's a Hamilton Vs Winnipeg repeat in the cup. What do I know....


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Hamilton..................the Als. will give them a good run but Cats prevail

Saskatchewan.............home field means a lot for the Riders...Cal. wil come up short

Montreal for Da-Win
Saskatchewan cause "baby it's cold outside"

Thank you for all your hard work, tabulating, formulating & conspiring how to keep me close yet soooo far away.
Seriously thank you :heart:

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Just for fun I'll make my picks:


Thanks for all your effort on this. If having a non-contender making picks is a pain for you just let me know.


Montreal....(spoken from the heart, not the head.)

Calgary. That’s from the gut.

Hamilton (they want it more)
Saskatchewan (if Maier was starting I'd pick differently)


Congratulations to the top 4.Well done ! And a big thank you to Dave and Abend.
This weekend ? Calgary and Hamilton fans will be the happy ones .

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Letting everyone know the format for next years CFL - GCC 2022 are as follows,

  1. Most wins
  2. Most perfect weeks
  3. *Aggregate
  4. Less wins/Percentage

Cheers, Abbey

Hamilton -- Because they are at home
Calgary -- Because they are the better team

Thanks for all the work you do. This has been a crazy, but fun year.

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Don't know why Calgary is +3 and the other game has no odds on the main site.
Updated odds are;

Sask. -2.5

Hamilton -4.5

Looking forward to Granny and Prairiedog picks!

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