2021 CFL GCC - Grey Cup

Wow! two huge Football games this past weekend leading up to the 108th Grey Cup.
Top 2 finalists from the East/West Final are noted below. The format is as follows,
The 2 finalists can pick the same team to win, each handle picks a score to win and the one closest to the actual Grey Cup score is the Champion wins Hugh Campbell award. If both finalists do pick opposite teams, then both do not have to provide a final score. Anyone can play, Enjoy Grey Cup week and have fun.

  1. MtnCat 4-0
  2. papazoola 4-0

Grey Cup: Tim Hortons Field 6 :00 pm (3:00 pm pacific time)
Winnipeg - 2 (12-3) vs Hamilton (10-6) Opening point spread -4.5

Cheers, Abbey

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Again I'm going with the Bombers fan.


As long as he picks Winnipeg. Lol


My score is,

Winnipeg 26
Hamilton 18

It would be funny 'IF' I picked the bombers and Papa picked the Cats

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As long as a score is put in with the winning team - who knows with the CFL

No you won't, your a True fan of Hamilton. Your heart allow it.
Likewise Papazoola, is true to Winnipeg, it couldn't work out better having both teams represented in the GCC.

Winnipeg 34
Hamilton 34.

Overtime is a crapshoot.

Winnipeg and it will be over at halftime


You sir, are 100% correct! I could never pick against our Cats! And I agree, this is a great finale to the CFL GCC!


It would even be better if Papa was here in Hamilton at the Cup. I would absolutely buy him a beer!

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Send it to me, I'll find him....oh what the hell make it a dozen.


It's going to be plus 3°C in Hamilton next Sunday so get ready for 'summer like' conditions and a huge dose of mistake-free Bomber offense. :smiley: :+1:

Winnipeg 42
Hamilton 18

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Zac won't even have time to see our 'smoke stacks' never mind score 42 points!

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Behind that crazy offensive line of ours? Not only will Zac have time to see your 'smoke stacks', he'll also have time to do his laundry and write a letter to his mom while looking for secondary targets. He's a good son. :grin:

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Didn't want to yet, but,
I think I'll start the bragging rights now!

MtnCat 2-0 *(+14
kav2001c 2-0 *(+14
papazoola 2-0 *(+14
Grannybomberfan 1-1 *(+8

Where is Maaax?

Good question. I picked Hamilton and Winnipeg last week but I'm not sure where I finished in the standings. Only the Great and Wise Abendschan knows for sure. Perhaps he will enlighten us. :thinking:

Hello, your handle Maaax finished in 10th spot and 60YearFan finished in 9th position. However, 60YearFan held the Wild-Card but did not post in the East/West Semi-Final so at that point Maaax posted and earned the right to move into the Wild-Card spot.

Cheers, Abbey

At the start of the season I put some money on Hamilton.

For the last few years I had hoped these two won a GC as the only two not to have done it this century.

Maybe home field advantage plays into the result as a leveller and I wouldn't rule out a Hamilton win.

Winner- Winnipeg 32
Hamilton 18

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Oh thanks to those who took part, and Dave and Abbie.

Looking forward to next year.

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