2021 CFL GCC - Div. Final

Below are the top 4 Semi-Final winners,
Top 2 move on to the CFL GCC 2021 Grey Cup
Another week of exciting CFL Football with 2 more games.
NOTE: *Aggregate comes into play next season as Tie-Breaker #3 - Reg. Season only.
*Aggregate below is only an example.

East Final: BMO Field
Hamilton (9-6) at Toronto (9-5) -1.5

West Final: IG Field
Saskatchewan (10-5) at Winnipeg (11-3) -6

MtnCat 2-0 *(+14
kav2001c 2-0 *(+14
papazoola 2-0 *(+14
Grannybomberfan 1-1 *(+8

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I'm no longer picking teams.
I'm picking people who are Bomber's fans. To make the next round

Papazoola vs kav2001
Grannybomberfan vs MtnCat



IIRC correctly this is the first time in CFL history that both division finals are between traditional Labour Day rivals.

Oddly enough we actually got a Labour Day rival in a Grey Cup match-up (2007). Winnipeg in the East helped but with the crossover rule it can happen any year.

I'll go with Toronto and Winnipeg. They haven't met in the Cup final since 1950

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Pretty sure I'll be picking the same as Granny

Maybe, maybe not.

Hamilton - Oh Football Gawds, please let the Hams host their own friggin' Cup.

Winnipeg - Do they really have to play next Sunday? Seriously? How can they possibly blow this one? I've already ordered my 'Winnipeg 2021 Grey Cup Champs' toilet paper. They better not make me look foolish. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Here it goes,

Hamilton, I've paid good money for my GC tickets, can't watch the Arblows at THF
Winnipeg, my heart wants the greenies, but a 2019 rematch would be amazing

Oskee wee wee!!!

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I'm the first of the final 4 to pick, good luck all!

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I do not think either game is cut & dry this week... I am surprised how many people chose Toronto (I think this is more a no confidence vote against Hamilton than a true belief in the Argos)

Winnipeg (Sask used up their luck last week)

Although I am skeptical if you do win have fun at the Grey Cup :slight_smile:


Odds have changed since the opening point spread,

Toronto is -2.5 since opening spread -1.5 vs Hamilton
Winnipeg is -8 since the opening spread -6 vs Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan wins West
Toronto wins East

Hamilton and Winnipeg for me.

Runner-up in the 2021 GCC Grey Cup Game wins the Al Wilson Award.
Winner of the 2021 GCC Grey Cup Game wins the Hugh Campbell Award.
All of this excitement is for bragging rights.

NOTE: First Place winner in the Reg. Season standings wins the Angelo Mosca award.
This is a change from the Ambrosie award.

Thank-You to Capital_Dave for your work in the GCC Pool.

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It will be a repeat of last years Grey Cup.
Book it.

Following handle moves up if anyone of the other 2 do not put their picks in is,

Maaax 2-0 *(+14

THAT SAID; Take note that Maaax could become the first ever Wild Card below the top 8 in the final standings to move into the final 4 if either one of the other 2 finalists don't put both their picks in before game time.



......looks like a repeat of 19'

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I had papazoola tied up in the back room (accidentally) along with Grannybomberfan. Curses. Foiled again. :grimacing: