2021 CFL Draft to feature some significant changes

TORONTO – The Canadian Football League is tweaking its plans for its 2021 draft of Canadian players from U SPORTS in Canada, NCAA teams in the United States, and junior football.

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I like the random draw for this year only and the snake order rule will help out the teams that get the short end of the straw.

Any idea when this draw takes place? Hope it's not too close to the draft so there will be some time for trades. The one who gets picks 9 and 10 together and 8 and 11 for that matter may create some possibilities to move up.

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It will be an interesting draft for sure. I'm guessing that fewer players will have injuries to concern the GMs.

The next training camp should be wild too. I wonder if they'll expand TC rosters since there will be two years of draftees to look at.

I like the idea of the random draw for draft order and the league may want to consider this going forward. Unlike other leagues, the draft doesn’t usually produce clear cut number 1,2,3 type players who can automatically turn around a teams fortunes. And if there are players who stand head and shoulders above everyone, they are more than likely to sign in the NFL and bounce around there for several seasons. From the way drafts have gone over the last decade, I don’t see a huge benefit to drafting number 1 vs number 9 most years.

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