2021 CFL Draft order revealed

NOVEMBER 21, 2020

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Hamilton will have a 22.2% chance of winning due to the Manziel trade.

Wouldn't be interesting if they got#1 and 9. They'll get # 10 right after due to the snake format


You called it!!!!!

or does MTL pick 10?

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The fix must be in! I'm the Oilers secret all of these years..lol

Argos draft 7th and 12th

Yes I was off with that thought.

Als at 10. Kavis Reed didn't trade it away... got gassed first!

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Montreal got a raw deal on that trade IMO because it was Ambrosie who purged Manziel not the Als. The 2021 pick should be over turned in the best interest of Football.

If Hamilton didn't originally get Johnny Football then Vernon Adams would have still been a TiCat and the TiCats would not have signed Dane Evans!
You can't change the space time continuum!