2021 CFL Draft in the spring

Does anyone know what Cross's numbers are for the 40 yrd dash??

Looks like he didn’t test at the combine - recovering from an ACL tear in 2020

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If you hire more Canadian coaches and general managers, the bias stops. That is why Jesse Palmer never tried to make it stick in the CFL

His time in Montreals camp wasn't very rewarding after making millions in the NFL. ESPN offered him more for one game than he would make all year as an Alouette.

SORRY...below is for Burt our 1st selection.
I heard 4.48 but he gets run down in a lot of clips I have watched.
Dude is a freak athlete. Was ranked as a elite top volleyball player in high school in the US and also played basketball.

I thought this was Jake Burt? Nick Cross went to high school in Regina.

You would need them league wide and in place for a decade or so, and then maybe there might be some real change. Current Canadian GMs and coaches accept standard CFL operating procedure or they would be out of a job - it's accepted that Canadians don't belong at QB in the CFL (especially U Sports trained QBs). Desjardins in Ottawa & Walters in Winnipeg seem to have huge need at QB depth or TC competition in the recent past, but totally ignored or turned up their noses at giving Canadian QBs like Merchant or Sinagra even a shot to compete in TC. They will gladly ignore Canadian QB talent. Sad.

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My appologies...I meant Burt. thanks for catching.

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Teddy Laurent's future replacements may include Mohamed Diallo DL Cent. Mich. . At 6' 3" 305 , he's a first team all star in the MAC coaches vote . He ran a 5.14 forty as a transfer from Texas A &M . As a red shirt senior , he's expected to be in the 2022 NFL Draft .
Second round pick Deane Leonard the DB from Ole Miss. and Calgary Dinos , is a 6'2" 195 native of Calgary Alberta . He's probably looking at one more year in the NCAA .

I love these picks as futures !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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Nic did not compete in the combine due to his injury. I wish that he could have. However Kyle Borsa from Regina ran a 4.46. I watched Nic play against Borsa all through High School. I personally witnessed him catching Borsa in pursuit from the other side of the field as a LB. He is much faster than Borsa. I also saw Nic accelerate away from Borsa as a RB which he also played with Borsa playing defense. He is very fast and does not ever give up on pursuit.


Palmer probably wasn't making the millions is making now starting out on ESPN. He probably got a the bare minimum entry salary and a per diem. He tried out for the Alouettes in '06, couldn't make the roster and retired to cash in on his looks to do broadcasting an appearance on "The Bachelor". A former Giants teammate once said Jesse was the only Canadian he knew that didn't know how to skate

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Palmer already had millions prior to ESPN, Alouettes, and Bachelor. That's the point.

Kalinic in the 2019 draft was classified as a wide receiver but was used more as a tight end . So now we have Burt from Boston College . I believe the last TE we drafted was Randy Bowles in 2001 from SFU .
I remember Big Bob Richardson , a Hamilton kid who went to Iowa State and played TE for the 1972 Grey Cup champion TiCats . He was 6' 5" 250 and won the Gruen Award as the top Cdn. Rookie in 1972 .

When you look at TEs like Gronk , Kelce , Heath Miller , and Kellen Winslow , you realize how important that position could be to an offence . Maybe Jake Burt will become that guy . :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch ( remembers Paul Dekker # 75 )


Taking a wild stab at it, I believe Peter Dalla Riva and Ray Elgaard were the last pure TE's in the CFL. . . but I could be wrong. . .

Possibly also Nick Arakgi with the Concordes - early to mid 80 s.

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Thought of him but then as I recall he was used more often as a slotback.

The CIS QBs, haven't played at the same level in university as the NCAA QB. Merchant, Singra etc have never been chased down by the bigger faster NCAA defenses, they have never thrown into NCAA coverage. They have never played a 12 game season in the CIS or trained 12 months a year.
Any potential high school Canadian QB that has shown talent has been scouted by the NCAA.
Every year CFL teams have CIS QBs in camp, the coaches get to see what they can do. Just because they aren't thrown into a game doesn't mean they aren't given a chance. The coaches don't put them in because they just aren't ready.
Canadian QBs like Bridge were given all kinds of opportunities and he was ex-NCAA, there is no way that a Canadian CIS QB is going to succeed ahead of Bridge.

You don't get starting Canadian QBs by hiring Canadian coaches, you get them the way that Bridge and a couple of others that are currently playing in the NCAA, hard work, talent. The QB is one position where there should never be shortcuts, never a ratio position, it should always be about the best player available.

I'm a huge CFL guy. But some time watch CFL combine side by side the NFL combine.
There really is a large diiference in terms of speed, power and explosiveness.

That said I would be following Winnipegs lead and try my hardest to hire Canadian Coaches and GMs.

In my time the best Canadian QB i've seen was Greg Vavra, in the 80's. Hung around for 5-6 years and started a few games. I thought he was solid.

Tight end morphed to slotback back in the early 80s CFL days; Tony Gabriel started playing more like a slot rather than lining up with one hand down and tight to the line (OT); Elgaard became one of the first big "waggle" guys with the running start. Arakgi might have been one of the last to line-up like a true tight end?

Love to see the resurgence of the tight end in the CFL game - even from one team; OR, teams using a big bruiser, strong hands slotback type instead of mostly smurfs - another Rocky D. I'll believe it when I see it though. Be very interesting to see how/where Burt lines up in the Ticat offence. And the Ticat offensive coaches had Kalinic and Brian Jones (big, very athletic receiver with outstanding college ball receiver #s at Acadia) at their disposal last season and they were not used much. Find it hard to believe that Burt is any big upgrade in that style receiver so that all of a sudden they are going to change their offence to feature him. We shall see.

Vavra was the last Canadian QB right out of Canadian college ball to be given CFL respect and a legit shot to play right away. He was a star QB for the Dinos and then started for the Stamps (on a real weak team) as a rookie.

Those days are long gone in CFL for Canadian QBs (out of the Canadian system) getting any real respect or interest from the clique of Americans first thinkers who have been running the CFL for decades. All sorts of Hec & Vanier winning , outstanding talent QBs have been totally ignored by CFL thinkers while they drag pretty well any American QB they can find up here and give them chances. Is what it is. No sign of change on the CFL horizon (recent excellent U Sports QBs like Hugo Richard, Chris Merchant and Adam Sinagra were not drafted in the CFL = obvious dis-respect).

Pretty sad & pathetic feature of the "radically canadian" (LOL) CFL - IMO.

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keep in mind players like this are super valuable. ST , blocking, receiving from both on the line and off. Situational positions. They are simply good football players.