2021 CFL Draft in the spring

You're not the only one.


4 of 1st 19 picks I think.
Hopefully at 1 the team gets a cornerstone player. Our past history is not great with 1st overalls.

Right, and better than the last draft, when we had 4 picks in the first 27.
The way I see it ,the TiCats could have over 20 non-counter draft picks at their next training camp -- 9 picks from 2020, 7 this year, 4 picks from '19 who are on the roster but haven't played yet (DE Campbell, DE Dufault, OL Lawley & LS Whyte), and 2 more, in the same situation, picked in '18 (WR Davis & DL Van Pelt).


One downside to having so many non-counters is that just like you can't see the forest for the trees, the coaches may overlook a talented player due to both the shortness of TC and the abundance of players to evaluate.

I guess we can only say "In Steinauer We Trust" and hope for the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


It looks like the top 5 ranked plAyers for the 2021 CFL draft are all on the MEL's radar.
This will make the Ticats first overall pick a very tough one.
I see that Tennessee WR Josh Palmer is a bit undersized for the NFL and could get picked while Oklahoma Sam linebacker And Ogbongbemiga
Is a bit undersized as well . As an aside , I wonder if the Ticats will be able to bring back J'Gared Davis, Bralon Addison and Lirum H as they are all free agents after being released by the Ticats to pursue NFL opportunities.
Quite a host of talented players available in the 2021 CFL draft. Ticats draft #1, 9th, 18 and 19 which is pretty good . Below is the most recent player rankings

Palmer is 6'2 210lbs, about average size for an NFL reciever.

Ogbonbemgia is 6'1 235lbs, is perfect size for today's 4-3 NFL linebacker. This position has gotten smaller the last couple years and the SAM linebacker is being replaced with a third safety/nickelback on most plays.

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"Based on my conversations with scouts, it is likely that between five and ten of the 25 players featured on the preliminary 3DownNation 2021 CFL draft rankings will opt out.

So, they are going more in line with the CFL SAM role? How interesting... lol

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