2021 CFL Draft in the spring

Nobody with bone spurs gets drafted better than Trump . Also when it comes to quarterbacking people say to him "sir nobody throws things better than you sir" . :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:


Never figured this place would turn into a dating site for geriatrics :joy: :kissing_heart: :upside_down_face:


:grinning: The bone spurs had him planting wrong before throwing the long bombs in Vietnam and unfortunately had a stellar career cut short fighting for the right for Vietnam to build quality Nike's years later .

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If he ever played QB anywhere , his hero would have been Ryan Leaf , all talk and no performance . :laughing:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

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CFL MOP Jon Cornish wanted to say hi.


Yes and John Cornish's NCAA university Kansas says hi back to you. Cornish was a Kansas Jayhawk !!

Just pointing out your post stating
Every year the MOP in Canada is an American.
Was incorrect.
It can be corrected by saying almost every year, most years or going completely off the board and say almost every year the MOP in Canada went to an American school.

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Or. the last time a Canadian University player won the MVP/MOP was in 1969!!

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After reading this post it affirms that I’m so glad not to live in the US. Have all the guns you want. Keep killing your own. Deny white supremacy. Suppress voting rights. Keep voting for Trump like hacks.
From a Canadian who loves watching the train wreck that the US has become. Trumpism has ruined you. You can take your country and shove it where the sun don’t shine.


During the founding of the country, there was nothing much else except an agrarian society but I do not expect someone of your clear lack of mental health. As for the 2nd amendment, it was originally intended to assure that a militia could be formed. You can agree or disagree, but I will put my half-century of legal experience as a criminal defense attorney against you any time. If you want to disparage me and my remarks, I could care less. I have forgotten more than you will ever know. Your anger and hatred will always prevent you from having a civil conversation. So do not bother writing to me again.


If you have a half-century of legal experience, I should have thought that you would know that the phrase you want is "couldn't care less." Saying that you "could care less" conveys the opposite meaning of what you intend.

And your first sentence seems incomplete. . . you say you don't expect something but the reader is left wondering what it is that you don't expect.

I would hope that your legal writings are more coherent than this post; otherwise I feel sorry for your clients.

But your "I have forgotten more than you will ever know" indicates that you do possess the ego that lawyers are often accused of possessing.

Otherwise, to be clear, I'm on your side and not geo365!!


Thank you for your criticism. Now that that is over, perhaps your contact could be confined to football. This is conversational writing. Legal writing is very different.


I did enjoy the article about the mass shootings. It seems there are several around the country every day and I applaud Australia for dealing with the problem. I do want to get back to football, whenever there is any. I am hopeful that the proposed border opening will be helpful in that regard and am more optimistic about the season than before, although I do not think I will be crossing for any games. People I know that have been interested in the past seem to be afraid to go and I cannot blame them.


Phillips, 25, spent time in the National Football League with the Carolina Panthers (2020) and Buffalo Bills (2018-19), playing two games with the Bills in 2018 and registering one reception for nine yards. The 6-0, 202-pound native of Charlotte, North Carolina also suited up in five games in the XFL with the Houston Roughnecks in 2020, leading the league in targets (44), receptions (31), receiving yards (455) and receiving touchdowns (9). Overall, he posted 117 more receiving yards and five more receiving touchdowns than any other XFL player, and was named the league’s Star of the Week in three of the five weeks of the pandemic-shortened 2020 season.

Prior to his pro career, Phillips appeared in 52 games at Virginia Tech over four seasons (2014-17), posting 236 receptions for 3,027 yards and 17 receiving touchdowns, and adding 37 carriers for 239 rushing yards and five punt returns for 34 yards. Among his accomplishments with the Hokies includes 2017 First-Team All-ACC honours, being named 2016 Belk Bowl MVP and earning a 2016 ACC All-Bowl Team (ESPN) selection.

Olumba, 25, most recently spent time on the practice roster of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns (2020) after two years with the Dallas Cowboys (2018-19) where he suited up in one game. The 6-2, 205-pound native of Tuscan, Arizona split his collegiate career with Alderson-Broaddus University (2013-15) and Portland State University (2016-17). With the Battlers, he played 30 games and posted 63 tackles, 25 pass breakups, two fumble recoveries, two blocked kicks, six interceptions – two of which he returned for touchdowns (47 and 99 yards) – and 13 punt returns for 143 yards and a touchdown. Olumba then transferred to Portland State where he was redshirted in 2016 before developing into a starting cornerback in 2017, registering 21 total tackles and seven pass breakups in 11 games during his senior season with the Vikings.

Stewart Jr., 22, played 42 games over four seasons at the University of Florida (2017-20), registering 124 total tackles, four tackles for loss, 1.5 quarterback sacks, three interceptions, one interception return touchdown, five pass breakups, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. The 6-1, 195-pound native of New Orleans, Louisiana was a versatile defender for the Gators, lining up at safety, nickel cornerback and outside linebacker throughout his collegiate career.

The Tiger-Cats also announced the following players have been released:
USA – WR – Isaiah Burse
USA – WR – Kahlil Lewis
USA – QB – Austin Simmons

The Cats keep signing big DBs .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)


Forgive me Pat but I added the missing first sentence to your post (makes more sense that way) and also a copy of the picture of Cam Philips on the Ticat announcement.

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Phillips look impressive. Add him to the 20 current wide receivers listed on the Ticats roster.

Just do like the rest of us. Tell him to go pound sand.

I'll raise you a guy who killed some of his own shipmates and was given the nickname
Hanoi Song bird. I bet you the entire US military wish he had stayed home.

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I had to look it up who that was and what it's about ; I never knew those allegations about him .

Learned something new . Now I know why he made that crack about him .