2021 CFL Division All-Stars unveiled

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has announced the 2021 East and West Division All-Stars. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers lead all teams with 15 All-Star selections, while the Hamilton Tiger-Cats top the East Division with ten. A total of 14 National players were selected.

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Let's see. In the West 4 of 5 on the OL for Winnipeg and 2 of 4 on the DL, and a monster 2 of 4 to boot. It is fun to talk about QB's and WR's and RB's and even special teams and kickers. But as I have said all year, barring numerous and egregious turnovers, the team that dominates the lines almost always wins. This is exacerbated by poor or cold conditions. I think we all know where this is headed...

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Oh know there’s no lil Bo peep on the team ? How are you gonna explain this to Mrsstalion

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I am sure there will be some kind of unreasonable explanation involving the Stampeder Way and the moon rising in Venus.

Well, the Roughriders just got a huge motivator for the playoffs. The disrespect is unbelievable. Just 2 All Stars spots for the 2nd place team? Come on! Let’s Go Riders!

Good Gawd !!! I've seen it all now , the three named QB of the Anchors is selected to the All-Star team in the East ? It's a pretty sad state of affairs and really shows just how bad the QB position was in the East this year when a slug like MBT gets the nod as the "Best" the division has to offer . :roll_eyes:

The guy had exactly one more TD pass (12) then Ints (11) this season . He also ended up stat wise as the 6th best QB in a nine team league .


The only egregious omission was AC Leonard. Double the tackles of Jefferson and more sacks 11-7 while playing 3 fewer games. he beat Jeffcoat in both categories also, so that's a head scratcher.

I thought Purifoy would have deserved some consideration - but he played multiple positions this year (LB, HB and S). Good overall season - but not enough to dislodge one of the other all-star recipients

I agree with the East selections other than Hamilton getting 10 All Stars, that was generous... with more than Toronto who have proven from start to finish were a much superior team during the regular season.
The west All Stars were questionable... Winnipeg with with more selections than the rest of the west combined... And Saskatchewan was totally disrespected with the All-Star selections... Ottawa and BC have more All-Stars than Sask? The records and player stats don't add up.

T.J. Lee and Nick Marshall are questionable all-stars for this year... Nick Marshall got beat down field on deep balls several times for major yardage every game. Purifoy played HB for most of the season and should of got the all-star nod there.

I guess style points are worth more than sacks... A.C. Leonard was easily better than Willie Jefferson this year... and more valuable to the success of his team. When Jeffcoat rested the last couple games of the season, the Winnipeg defence was not the same... Willie was unable to produce himself without another All-Star on the line with him.

Special Teams:
The returners in the west must be that awful for Mike Miller to be named an All-Star again...
With Jon Ryan missing a bit of the season due to injury, I thought Stefan Flintoft would of been named an All-Star... he has the best punting average in the league... Cody Grace has a worse punting average than Flinoft, Jon Ryan, and Jon Ryan's backup...

1st - WPG 11-3 (15 All-Stars)
2nd - SSK 9-5 (2 All-Stars)
3rd - CGY 8-6 (7 All-Stars)
4th - BC 5-9 (3 All-Stars)
5th - EDM 3-11 (0 All-Stars)

1st - TOR 9-5 (7 All-Stars)
2nd - HAM 8-6 (10 All-Stars)
3rd - MTL 7-7 (7 All-Stars)
4th - OTT 3-11 (3 All-Stars)

Even in an off year the Stamps are well represented with mostly in house talent as usual.

I think Jordan Williams should in this discussion. He'll be harder to ignore next year with a years experience behind him. Very solid rookie year.

TSN announcers must have picked this team judging from the lack of Roughriders on it. No Luchez Purifoy, A.C. Leonard, Johathen Woodard? Typical insult to Saskatchewan and it's fan base.

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I thought Dan Clark should have been the west center, but I also thought that Nick Marshall probably shouldn't be there. I'd have Garry Peters there. Purifoy really should have been there but as mentioned it's difficult to fit a guy who plays multiple positions.

You can't just say "well Saskatchewan deserved more all-stars" because these are individual awards. Just because they were 9-5 and 2nd place doesn't mean that x number of all-star spots should be reserved. It doesn't work that way for any team. Looking at Saskatchewan in particular, it's difficult to single out any individual performances offensively as no one stood out. Powell was good but his o-line didn't help him enough and he didn't nearly have the numbers. Kad'Deem is definitely the guy at RB. Fajardo was the 3rd best QB in the division and the the Riders spread the ball around so much in the passing game that no one had big stats. Probably if Kyran Moore did not get hurt he would have been on the list but it didn't work out.

My LBs are Bighill Thurman and Sankey. I would have Ellingson in and Demski out. I definitely would have Brandon Alexander at safety all the way. Grossly underrated dude. Instead of Desarlais I would have Matt O'Donnell. I also think that Ucambre Williams could be there. Jon Ryan is the punter.

In the East my kicker is David Cote. I would have Kanneh in instead of Shaq Richardson. My LBs are Simoni with Ackie and McCoil. Instead of Wynn and Menard I would have Sewell and Laurent (How could they not pick Sewell??).

Put Phillip Blake in for Matte and McMillan in for van Zeyl. The receivers are Lewis and Wieneke of course, then Daniels and Collins. I'm inclined to wedge Ryan Davis in there but Gittens is probably the right choice.

I do agree that Masoli really should be the East QB all-star. The last couple of months he's been really good.

Jeffcoat led the league in Forced Fumbles by a huge margin, and didn't get suspended for 3 games. He also sat out two games as a healthy scratch


I was wondering when someone was going to mention Jeffcoat. In my opinion by far the best defensive player in the league this year, even though he played hurt all year. In one game he forced 3 fumbles, one for a TD and one deep in enemy territory, and had two sacks. A one man wrecking crew.

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When is the C.F.L. going to revive its' ALL-STAR GAME?! There has not been one played since 1988 in Edmonton. It would be great fun for the fans & excellent exposure for the C.F.L., which the league could use every chance it gets! The best time to play it would be between the pre-season & regular season. After Thanksgiving all outdoor games should be played in the afternoons when it's warmer outdoors!

Not a terrible idea, but having it at the start of the year would mean that the all stars are based on the prior year’s performance. Too much of a time disconnect I think and some players would inevitably be on different teams and even in a different conference.

I’m not a big fan of all star games in general, at least since I was a kid when I remember enjoying them. I think that the only successful one these days is the NBA game and that is more for the displays of talent in the contests than the game itself. The NHL has tried to copy this format with minimal success.

The non season games that I enjoy are the various NHL challenge series that take place from time to time. They actually feature the world’s best in a legitimate contest. No other sport can do this.

All-star game isn't a great idea. If you play it at the end of the year, no one will really watch it as the season is over. It's anti-climactic. If you play it at the beginning of the next year and someone gets hurt, it sucks for the season. In either case, players don't want to get hurt in a meaningless all-star game, and coaches don't want their players to get hurt in a meaningless all-star game.

What IS a good idea is an all-star skills competition. :+1: For the life of me I can't understand why the CFL doesn't do this.

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Then again, having the CFL All-Star game played in the Canadian equivalent of Hawaii (just like the NFL) might garner some interest. Give the All-Stars and their wives or girlfriends tickets to attend. Just don't let the wives know about the girlfriends. :kissing:

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