2021 Awards...Who's Getting What?

Only a few weeks left, who you got?

Top Lineman- Nila Kasatati
Top D player- Jameer Thurman
Top Rookie- Issac Ademi Bergland
MOP- Ka'Deem Carey
ST Player- Rene Peredes
Top Canadian- Brain Wiggan

I think this horse has Equine Neurological Disorder. Serious stuff.

Honestly, I don't know enough about any of the players except my own which is why I am asking. Are you being serious?

I don't understand what you are saying. Those are my picks for Stampeder award winners. What is the issue?

Jameer Thurman is an All-Star this season, imo.

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Oh, OK - your nominees, not league winners

I though you wanted the winners for the respective teams. Until teams pick their winners it is hard to pick league winners,... other than Collaros likely gets MOP,,, I would guess Jordan Williams for top rookie.. maybe Jeffcoat for defensive play..... hard to say

Jeffcoat's been great, but not sure if he beats out Willie....he likely wins B2B Most Outstanding Defensive Player

what is B2B?? Jeffcoat has been really good and a more rounded player the Jeffersen IMO . who are your picks?

I don’t know about that. Jeffcoat has been more consistent and had the best single game of any defender in the league this year- three forced fumbles, one for 6 points, one deep in opponent’s end and two sacks. I think Willie has looked a little hurt for much of the year so that is not reflective on his alltimeness. I am sure you would agree that it is a good problem to have. And then there’s Bighill. Can three players on the same team win the Defensive MOP at the same time?

Back to Back

Lineman: Bryant again, or does Hardrick get it this year?
D: Willie J
Rookie: Brady Oliveria, or DB Alford?
MOP: Collaros
ST - we'll pretend this isn't a thing, but likely Miller
Canadian: As I type Demski takes it in for 7-0 WPG

Ah I see.... and your picks?
Im thinking Harris or Demski for Canadian........ unfortunately Oline? who knows!...... ST- I think I would go Peredes.

For Bombers:

MOP Offence: Collaros *
MOP Defence: Jeffcoat *
Lineman: Bryant *
Canadian: Demski
S Teams: Miller ( Devonte Dedman will win this one unanimously)
Rookie: Mourtada (just kidding)
Alford *

  • Predicted League Winner

Picking Bombers, as it turns out, not much different than picking the league winners.

Defensive: Jefferson (but man there are a lot of great candidates this year)

Lineman: I might go Phillip Blake.

Rookie: Nicastro has to be mentioned. Jordan Williams isn't bad but overhyped because he collected some nice stats early in the year. I'll need to see a full list of eligibility. Shaeffer-Baker should be mentioned too.

ST: Dedmon - not even close

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Here is my Hamilton predictions . Honestly though don't think that any of them will be finalists this year unlike 2019 when we dominated the year end awards .

MOP : Jerimiah Masoli
DEF : Simoni Lawrence
ROY : Desmond Lawrence
OL : Brandon Revenberg
CAN : Brandon Revenberg
STP : Frankie Williams

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Hamilton's best defensive player is Ja'Gared Davis. That guy is super underrated and has been for some time.

Stolen from Stamps

Nonsense . He chose to sign with us much like Richard Leonard decided to sign with your team .

Not sure if you have heard or not BUT there's this little thing called FA in this league .

... There was also Tunde Adeleke and Don Jackson........some GMs abuse free agency

The entire Bomber defense ought to get the 'You Blew Our Minds' award for those crazy good fourth quarter stats.

Super likable O'Shea will definitely get the 'Coach of the Year' award.

That talent assembling juggernaut of Kyle Walters, Danny McManus and Ted Goveia are a shoe-in for the 'I Want Them to Build My Team' award.

Zack Collaros should get the 'How Did He Do So Bloody Well With Them BUT NOT US?!!!' award (He'll also win the MOP).

One of the twin towers who kept Collaros upright this year (Bryant or Hardrick) will win the 'Impossibly Awesome Offensive Lineman' award.

Either Jefferson or Jeffcoat WILL WIN the 'I Don't Want to Play Against Them Defensive Player' award.

Record busting Mike Miller deserves to win the 'Special Teams Player' award but might lose to the CFL's best kick/punt returner since Gizmo Williams... (hint: he's in Ottawa).

Thiadric Hansen should win the 'Best International' Award. He might become the first and only International to start and play in two Grey Cups in his first two years in the CFL.

Since half of these awards don't exist I fear that Bombers will only take the MOP, the MOOL and the MOD awards. A bit of a downer but we don't have all that much to complain about this year right?

2019 CFL Awards (recap):

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