2021-22 NHL Season

Maybe it's time to break up the Leafs!

Winners of 5 in a row and 9 out of 10 after 3-0 win over Nashville behind Campbell's shut out.

Honoured former captain Deon Phaneuf beforehand after he announced his retirement earlier today

He didn't last long as an NBA owner since he sold off his small percentage.

I had not heard his name since 2016 before tonight, and well, I now hope the next time I hear it is even longer then for his relevance let alone in this NHL thread.

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Fully vaccinated NHL team in Ottawa forced to cancel games due to COVID outbreak

It is the first time this fall that a North American pro sports league — basketball, football or hockey — has cancelled games due to COVID

A COVID outbreak has sidelined the NHL team, despite having their players fully vaccinated. Ten players and one coach have reportedly tested positive for the virus, equating to approximately 40 per cent of the team.

Ottawa just not catching a break with it's sports teams this year .

Ah ha, all those theories from not long ago and here we are in for a harsh winter.

News is coming out of Europe so rapidly now, affecting also key soccer players, such that December might be shaping up to have a day like that day we don't want to remember in March 2020.

There's no way around the situation now other than it just plain sucks, and we have all winter to have the arguments again of course. :roll_eyes:

Leafs winning streak is over in a 2-0 loss to the Penguins.

Interesting off ice tidbit

This talk didn't go far but was about 12-18 months ago.

Redbird capital owns 10% of Fenway sports group and MLSE obviously owns the Argos and chairs the board.

Did the CFL-XFL talks spawned from this?

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Re: possible Nordiques return. Says there's smoke but will see if there's fire.

Could be a political angle with provincial election next year. Could recruit a consortium of investors.

Bill Daley did confirm they spoke with Legault by phone recently but no meetings are planned at this time. 'Content on what they have'

To me sounds like the premier wants to know what it will take to put them at the front of the line. If things in Tempe go south for the Coyotes, there will be a line to get in front of

What I find interesting is Sportnet being the national media partner (Rogers) didn't completely thow cold water on this.

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I get a kick out of Letgo the premier of Quebec actually wanting to use tax payer money for the Nordiques return .


Agree with the opinion ... but no need to mock his name.

The Habs will definitely oppose the Nordiques coming back.

I think the Habs would welcome it. Both arenas would be filled each time they played each other.

The Leafs and Habs have long a opposed having more Canadian teams as it cut into their Hockey Night in Canada revenues (Vancouver was denied entry in the first expansion in 1967).

They along with the Canucks also opposed the WHA merger in 1979.

Hamilton won't get an NHL team thanks to the Leafs.

Yet Hamilton is hosting an Outdoor game featuring the Sabres as the home team against the Leafs.

Strange isn't it.

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I think the Habs would want some compensation of having their TV territory encroached.

But I don't think they're entitled to it since Quebec City is outside the franchise territory (50 miles/75km)

Q.C. Is a 3 hour drive from Montreal.
Full arenas in both Montreal and Q.C. When they play.
And imagine if they were to face each other in the playoffs.

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Let it go. The 80's ain't coming back

only another 59 togo :slight_smile:


Bergevin is gone in Montreal after a dismal start

Jeff Gorton is named VP of hockey ops

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About freaking time and I ain't even a fan of the Habs

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I think the cup run last season delayed this. Imagine if they would have won?