2021-22 NHL Season

Ah, I see, basically this is the part where one can copy and paste to insert any given boilerplate corporate "parting ways, much appreciation for your efforts" memo so that others can attempt to rinse and repeat when they find the soiled can obscured in a ditch well down the road.

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Salary cap is pro rated already due to covid
When they play in an empty arena they make less cash (there is a formula but it essentially works out to a percentage of the contract amount)

This gets worse as for 3 years get no major team cap increases and need to deduct more cash to the slush fund (10% deferral fee this year for "pandemic costs")

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I wasn’t sure how it worked, but figured that everyone had to take an equal hit if there were no fans or, as was mentioned, less TV monies if they don’t play a full season. Let’s hope the league can get past this as soon as possible.

The reduced escrow amounts virtually guarantee players will be underpaid either through no cap increase through 2025/26 or through a less favourable terms on next term

Its a 71 page document how to calculate it all
Lawyers love these kinds of things

*edit & I think this is why many fan sites write terms like "estimated salary" hit etc
It is beyond most normal people (myself included) to decode without way too much time