2021-22 NHL Season

Face off tonight with the Lightning raising the banner against the Pens tonight along with the Kraken's first ever game in Vegas later on

How will this season play out? Can the Leafs or Oilers win a series this year?

Who's your pick to win it all this year? Lightning 3 peat? Avs? Can a team like the Jets bring the cup back north?

Who wins the Shane Wright sweepstakes? Sabres? Coyotes? maybe Habs :wink:

Leafs open up against those Habs tomorrow

First half of Sea @ Vgs was a bit of a snooze fest but the game picked up in the second half and ended well. And this was a cool thing:

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From all the folks who have experienced it not just those who work in media but the locals and visitors, there seems to be nothing like the energy at those Knights' games in Las Vegas. Of course it's on my list for the next trip!

But wow that was a close one - I watched as much as I could before falling asleep like usual here on the East Coast.

That new Kraken team are not weak like I thought maybe they would be as an expansion franchise, but of course you all probably know better plus I do know they have a good goaltender.

The Lightning blown out like that on home ice surprised me.

I thought it was cool when the Lightning pulled their goalie earlier in the 3rd to score a goal and be down 3-1, but then I have no idea why they didn't just sit for a bit two goals down with well over 5 minutes to go with the goalie to secure better possession instead of going back down so quickly without the goalie.

They got their butts kicked badly on home ice, and the interview with the coach after the game was most telling for that 6-2 loss.

I hope ESPN and TNT do a better job of presenting the NHL than NBC did.


So far on ESPN MUCH better after those clowns at NBCSN seemed to have mailed it in for a damn year on their way out after years of their off the ice BS that did not generate casual interest and won't work.

A J Mleczko did a great job rink-side in Las Vegas in her first go at it too.

Leafs edge the Habs 2-1 yesterday on Nylander's winner. Campbell with a 31 save effort....1 down 81 to go....#2 is tonight in Ottawa.

Also yesterday Ovechkin passes Marcel Dionne for 5th in the all goal scored with career markers 731 and 732.....needs another 163 to pass Gretzky

Hopefully Campbell's teammates bought him dinner. He was the Leafs in that game.

Heh you understand the irony in your post?
81 to go? As in that is the end of the Leafs season?

Personally I think they make playoffs before the collapse but good for you

Gotta take care of business one game at a time. 82-0 is still in range :slight_smile: .....we may still go out in the first round


He can buy dinner with the team's value

Imagine what they would be worth if they win allot more important games than they do now.

We have to be first place in one category;)


Cross-posting this one and we shall see how ESPN stays at it though I don't think streaming only for high-profile games is a good idea at all:

Check out how well the NHL debut on ESPN did in the US so as to set some records and very high historic marks as well.

I applaud ESPN for getting it right here and hope they continue or even move some games off streaming, for I am wary about how that part of the deal will go but for the lower profile games.

How did the ratings go in Canada?

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Well that unbeaten ambitions ends at 1. Leafs lose in Ottawa 3-2. Might was well say the Leafs only played 20 minutes tonight....so they lost 2/3rds of a game...grrr.

Habs get thumped in Buffalo 5-1.

Coyotes get throttled in Columbus 8-2....1st game of their disastrous season.... maybe their last

I saw the highlights of the Tampa Bay and Detroit game late last night and wow 7-6 Tampa Bay in OT.

I won't spoil it for you here if you have not seen them though I reckon you have a lot more highlights running in Canada on regular TV than here in the US.

Wow are both those teams terrible though given how they allowed the goals.

You would never imagine Tampa Bay are defending champions based on their play on opening night against Pittsburgh and that circus on the rink.

I can't catch enough quite yet but will be ramping up in two weeks on the games, but wow is it refreshing to have an NHL season start on time for the first time since ...2019 (which was the season that lasted forever and too long).

Wow! Evander Kane caught with producing phoney vax card to both the League and NHLPA
Boot this guy out of the League NOW!

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Would you consider that as fake news?? LolπŸ’

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Having caught games early in the season via the new coverage by ESPN and TNT in the US, for sure the coverage is a step up from NBCSN and for this one Bettman does get credit.

Now I wonder just how many games the NHL will keep on TNT and ESPN as opposed to only on streaming subscriptions.

The streaming subscription coverage is not always easily accessible on stream packages and services with otherwise access to the network coverage. In any case if a good game is not on TNT or ESPN, there's always a free way to get the game.

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If this is a step up then it boldd well for TSN to regain the national rights for the NHL in 2025 when Sportsnet is in the final season of their contract.

With a power struggle going on at Rogers between Ed and his family wondering if that can play a factor in if their renew or not.