2021-12-05 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (6200)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Is it kick off time yet, how bout now

I'm watching a green and white team from Saskatchewan playing right now.

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Me too...they hail From the city I live in by the way

Nice. I spent a couple days in Saskatoon sometime in the early 90s. Had a blast at some blues bar, as I recall.

The play is starting to improve in Vanier.

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Some nice bars here ... Hamilton ha some great places too

Best bars I ever was in was in Halifax ... Lots of them down by the water front and area...

My same trip to Saskatoon, I spent a couple days in Regina. I also had a great time at a place there called Channel 0. I found Saskatchewan girls so down to earth and friendly. It's a shame I never go to go back and spend more time there as a young guy.

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It sounds like Capital _Dave might already have some kids in Saskatchewan?

Go Riders


Almost an honorary rider fan that makes him it does (Yoda)

Sorry that's not cool, actually I think it's a personal attack

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I thought it was in good fun . . . sadly inaccurate, but still in good fun.


Off course all in good fun… unless he was talking about the “Go Riders” part?

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We try to recruit/brainwash as needed

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Game Day!


Well your Riders have my support for this game but don’t expect me to send you all my money also lol

Money, can be donated to me personally at any time...I hope you reconsider

So anxious to see Fajardo fall on his face again.


Bring in Ricky Ray to coach fajardo.