2021-12-05 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6199)

The Cats have been playing the whole game with their backs to the wall. That's hard to sustain. When 50 yard drives end with a punt you start to wonder what you have to do. For the Argos, it's easy when you get the ball at mid field.

Air horns

going off in the game. Who lets that stuff into the stadium?!

Can we PLEASE get the ushers to confiscate them! Getting a frickin' headache while trying to watch the game. I feel sorry for the people that have to sit around that stuff who paid top dollar for their tickets!

Coach S on TV as looking at the ground with his hands on his knees and shaking his head.

And that’s why I keep saying they should move the team out to Mississauga or Oakville or wherever it would work best. They don;t support it . They should move it.

Nice kick for Bede. Boy I'm glad the Argos have him this season.

Columbus, Ohio. Call them the Columbus Argos.

And once a suitable stadium on the outskirts of Toronto gets built, with second to none sight-lines, move the team back.

Not as many TIcats fans as I thought. I thought that it was going to feel like a home game. But the crowd is having a great time.

I guess that it's going to be like this. The Argos as an el cheapo organization that is worth Maple Leaf sports keeping alive for their other franchises' needs and the best interests of the league.

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This game shows what a great place for football BMO can be. If they could only get just 20,000 per game on a regular basis. Argh.

Anyways, nice to see the double blue rolling again.

Ooh, I don't know. I think no penalty.

For decades, that was true for a lot of the NBA. The hockey owners were looking for events while their hockey team wasn't playing. The Rangers and Bruins were keeping the Knicks and the Celtics alive. Maurice Podolf was the commissioner of both the NBA and the American Hockey League at the same time. He was the owners' man for auxiliary enterprises. Gene Autry really got the Angels' franchise because he owned KMPC radio. KMPC had a weak signal in Orange County at night but the fans listened anyway. A lot of fans think that running a sports franchise is fielding a team and selling tickets but it's a LOT more complex than that.

Best kicker in the league! 4 for 4 so far.

Hard to know who to take in this one.

MBT who spent some quality time with his child at an Argos game and now folks want him benched.

Jeremiah Masoli who refused to go with the cultural pressure and vaxx.

Both are high quality people imo.

Ha ha, I love those plays with DBs doing laterals. But damn, the Argos ended up losing it again.

Ya the do thought he was giving a gift to evans.

Wild ending to first half.

CFL is the best

Argos letting Cats hand around.


Where has Stubler gone to?

Haven’t seen him on the sidelines All I see is defensive “consultant” Jones.

Great and rarely seen play made by Dane Evans to get the ball back.

Nothing encouraging about the way the Ticats played in the first half but they are still in the game because TO can’t score more than 3 at a time. But they better step it up as soon as they get back on the field.

Toronto's inability to score majors, particularly off Ti-Cat errors could really haunt then in 2nd half.

Yep. 12 points is not that big of a lead in football.

Coach S told the microphone that the Cats were shooting themselves in the foot. No kidding