2021-12-05 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6199)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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For fricks sake TO. Fill a stadium just once.

This is the eastern final.


Far from full, but I'll take it. Easily twice the gate of any other game this year.

Just want CFL to succeed in TO

Home playoff. TiCats the opponent. Drama with MBT situation.

Just don’t know what else Torontians want.


They got some favourable calls, but the Argos strike first.

Lots of Cats fans there. Let's see how their team responds.

At least the league isn't hiding it. The one game that the Argos played at Tim Horton's a few years ago they only opened the stands across from the cameras so that they wouldn't get a lot of shots of empty seats. They charged regular season prices for a playoff game to get the crowd up. I am in the states and I would have come if I was sure that I could get across the border.

What's with the tiny Argos logo graphic? I'm sure in other games they had it much larger.

Nice to see the Argos burn Lawrence there. Good drive going.

This year for some reason, the Argos have done the opposite: only (mostly) sold tickets on the side NOT shown on TV.

MBT looking on point.

Surgical precision with his passing so far

Missed practice? No problem.

Nice play by Davis to stop that TD.

They decided that it would save them on cleanup and things only opening one side of the field. My guess is that the luxury boxes, concessions and stuff are on the side that they opened.

The two first round games didn't sell out, either. It's hard to fill a stadium when you only find out for sure that you are hosting the game five days before kickoff. That's no time to sell tickets.

6-0 instead of 14-0. Hamilton offence finding its groove.


But they've known for a few weeks. Anyways, they got a bunch of Ticat fans buying tickets after last weekend.

Still, crowd looks great to me.

Yup. They'd better step up on D now.

But if they don't get the defense off of the field, the players will get tired and the Argos will be able to run up the score.

That's what I'm talking about!

Well done, D!

Look at all the former Stamps making the plays today

Masoli fumble.

This ain’t gonna quiet the Evans calls sure to come.

That QB switch was way faster than I thought.