2021-11-28 Game Tracker - Montreal Alouettes vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6197)

TD Ticats :roll_eyes:

The Als are giving this one away.

Masoli to Banks for the TD. Turnover proved costly.

PAT good. 7-3 Cats

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Great throw by JM Now to have that JM stick around the rest of the game.

Another penalty on special teams for The Als :roll_eyes:

Als' run game isn't working, special teams are awful and Hamilton is winning the field position battle.

It's a long game, but I feel this one slipping away.

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Love the crowd shots. Late November. Snow on the air. All bundled up and having a great time. Gawd I love the CFL.


Jackson drives virtually through the whole defense for the TD.

PAT good. 14-3 Cats

Harris fumbles it a second time today. Cats take over at mid field. Momentum swing.... another one

…aren’t outdoor stadiums wonderful!!


The fire is missing in the Als

I believe the fat lady has sung. :unamused:

Another turnover via a pick lead to a FG to close of half.

13 points on turnovers

20-3 Cats at the half

TSN is using the 4k cameras (I think that's what they are called) and the skycam. Production is tops!!! Would be great for all games, even if just the skycam. Gonna be a great Grey Cup in Hamilton regardless of the teams involved.

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The 4K is the only good thing about this game!

The Als dominated the first 20 minutes but only 3 points to show for it. That might be fatal. Now making mistakes like crazy and all momentum gone. Hard to come back in these conditions, which might get worse. Looks to me like the Cats are in control and likely to win.

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I missed the whole 1st Q, so only really seen TiCats taking advantage of Al miscues.

That's what playoff football is all about.

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Big play Als

They still might make a game of it yet.

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Gives the feeling of being on the field with the players. Love it