2021-11-28 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6198)

Morrow is on today! Should have two return TDs


I'm really loving the narrow depth of field shots on the field.

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Do WHY cannot the off field official over rule such such a blatant bad call

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Does either quarterback want the ball?

Kinda hard to tell right now.

Bo is performing as expected. Cody needs to get his s**t together.

Nah from what I heard no was very good vs Saskatchewan. While being great in recent weeks.

Mitchell gift wrapping his throws to Riders D. Parades missing two FG attempts. What is going on here?

Should be a dq

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot! And I was also led to believe that Paredes was the bestest ever, except when gassing game winning field goals against the Bombers. What is going on?

As am I. Looks great.

I also loved the wide angle shot of the crowd erupting when they announced the measurement showing the Riders had stopped the Stamps on third and short.

Unbelievable move by Lemon. Yikes.


LOL at Barker!
"Is this great football? Or is this bad football? It's entertaining!"

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…just got back from disc golf, playoff game or not you don’t pass up plus 14 at the end of November to sit in the house…and good thing I didn’t miss anything, 3 INTs to 2, and Paredes wth man?!?!

All i know is if it keeps going like this. The bombers will probably have a field day against one of these teams. It isn’t their defense being great. It is the qb being terrible.

Agreed. Neither QB stands a chance. Sask fans better hope that Maier doesn’t start the second half as many of have been saying all week.

Rocks in the head. No way to sugar coat it.

Crazy first half. Sask should have 7 more, no thanks to their offence.

Has Bo reached 39 yards yet?

What a call to start second half. Riders threatening.


Yes yes yes yes