2021-11-28 Game Tracker - Calgary Stampeders vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6198)

Calgary Stampeders

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Cody's got this,wonderful season.If there is anybody to blame it will be management for replacing McAdoo with Maas, yes I said it over a year ago. Riders have won games in spite of Maas. Am sure he is a nice guy, but was a huge mistake, unfair to McAdoo also, but just huge mistake.

A certain poster isn't banned today is he? If so - thats harsh! Was looking forward to seeing how he'd react to today.
Also, again G & W, where are you? Infact the Rider hoard has been quiet all year....really odd for them!
Looking forward to this one! Who wants it more??

Last night we were informed that he is indeed sitting this one out. It has to be uncomfortable watching the game while sitting on a horse.

That sucks - it's like being grounded right before your buddies big party, and the hot girl you've had your eye on will be there!

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Disagree... Maas has a porous Online to contend with, do does Cody and the rider faithful, well most see it that way too

All I wanna say is… let’s go riders.


Cody says this the most complicated offense he has ever had. Thinking Maas educated beyond his intelligence. If he had this great offense,why didnt Maas use this in last coaching gig,or better why was he let go? Disagreement allowed. Would have been better to stay with Macadoo imo. If Sask loses today,God forbid,50/50 chance Maas gone. But I have Riders vs Argos in Grey Cup

So typical CFL blown call leads to a 14 point turnaround.


McAdoo was terrible. So is Maas. Riders haven't had a good OC in quite some time.

2 bad reads, 2 ints.

Put his a$$ on the bench for a series or 2.

...so the idiots above him could keep their jobs a year longer.

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Riders shooting them selves in the foot. How many times have the Riders not been flagged on special teams this year. They all seem to have an IQ less than 0

That special teams flag shouldn't have been thrown

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Maybe, but I can’t give them the benefit of the doubt because they have been flagged about 90% of returns and 60% of times kicking the ball

Overall, you are generally correct. On this particular play, the replay left no doubt. Clean play, official's error


Yup, but the interceptions were both preventable as well. Either way the Riders foot is bleeding out quite badly

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One into was the fault of Cody the other the receiver...

Yes but he also has a tendency to get over-amped and start overthrowing. 1 or 2 series to help him calm down wouldn't hurt

MITCHELL!!!!! Way to go!