2021-11-20 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (6196)

anyone can and does win the Cup on any given year, but stamps still win the most and are always

Can I handle what? That you don't think Calgary should win the Cup and therefore I can't have that belief ? I can't understand why 2 posters on here feel the need to write an encyclopedia's worth of info on why I'm wrong

I didn't think that this could be any clearer ...

Mr Stallion: If the Stamps are 1 & done, would you consider this season continued success for the Stamps?

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Considering they were very young and still manged a winning record and made playoffs, yes. ..

I wonder what is the point of trying to convince a fan of a team that their team is not special. We should all feel the same way.

The Stamps are special not only have they been consistent 30 years they have mostly done it developing their own players and talent.....who else comes close????


Patriots won for 30 years? With different qbs and coaches???? ....nope

Well, all of us except Lions fans :grin:

Where in my post did I say it was you... Everyone else knows of who I speak

There is a difference with thinking your team is special and complete delusion. Mister stallion and his other minions all think the stamps are all high a mighty and we should lick their boots non stop and all their flaws should not be criticized but their positives you have to suck up to it till judgement day. But other teams positives oh it is the official or injuries or smt else. Despite the fact that the team that has had the officials suck up to them the most is Calgary. Despite the fact that the team that should be represented as the class of the CFL is Toronto. Since they have a prefect record in the finals while Calgary record is 50/50.Acting as if they are the class of the CFL while they have lost six times in the finals. The reason every single person on this forum that aren’t delusional stamps fan almost always target mister stallion is bcs he is acting like an entitled child. That is why there is no one from the other fanbase in this forum that are as much of an irritant as mister stallion and his other stampeders fans.