2021-11-20 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Calgary Stampeders (6196)



Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Well folks...that is called character......what good teams do.. Find a way, have the desire to no matter how little it matters

Don't know what was the matter with Mitchell tonight. But Maier got the job done anyway! Stamps have to ensure they keep Maier for next season.
Unfortunately Thomas got injuried. Hopefully he recovers soon and no one else got the injury bug!

This is hilarious. The only message I got is that you better hope you’re facing a third string quarterback next week and that you will never, ever win with BoBo Mitchell at QB. 30 minutes, 39 yards passing. And once you get down in the game to Sask and figure out you better put Oscar Maier in, you won’t be facing 2nd and 3rd stringers in what will surely be a failed comeback attempt. And how about Augustine, a 3rd stringer, running rampant for 150 plus yards in a game the backup Bombers thoroughly dominated until the end.

I said before the game that there is not much that can be taken from these 60 minute full garbage time games. I would be careful in doing so, especially since BoBo could do absolutely nothing against 3/4 of a real defence. The only good thing is that no one major appears to have been hurt on either side, although it appears that you did lose your back up running back for the year.


My my Jon is sure cranky tonight!!!

Did you see the game? 3 defensive starters not dressed and Bighill rested for stretches of the second half so no the D wasn’t there. But what was there sure smacked the other side around a lot, which I gotta admit I enjoyed. But none of it matters and I repeat that escaping without injuries is all that matters. And maybe confirmation for the Bombers that they now have a place kicker. And confirmation for the Riders and hope that you please, please start BoBo next week.

Good luck. I have a feeling you’re going to need it. See you next year!

Winnipeg enters the post season cole as ice and wlnow they will sit on ice for 2 weeks and get colder .. Calgary enters post season the best team the 2nd half of season.....6-1!

Not at all but I am tired and signing off soon.

I just wanted to say something about the expected gloatathon and the usual quotes from Chairman Hufnagel’s red book.

It’s all good here.

You're suiting up? Which player are you?

Calgary was resting lots of guys too. In fact we had a rookie Canadian starting at left tackle. It certainly wasn't the best performance Ive seen, for either team, but stamps got it done in the end and dominated the final 5 minutes of that game. They wanted it more because they are winners, and they knew the value of hitting the playoffs on a high....which they are! And the Bombers are not!

Bottom line-2 evenly matched teams. In Winnipeg earlier Paredes missed one of his few kicks this season at the whistle or it would have been a Winnipeg loss. The Stamps controlled the game in possession, put up almost 400 yds & Carey, who sat this game had an 8.2 yd average. If Bo falters, Maier can put up numbers. That gives them an option, something that can't be said for Winnipeg. Basically 1 point scoring separates the 2 teams. And they couldn't hold them when it counted. Augustine couldn't get it done on the last possession. Ten points in the 4th quarter in the last 1:43 means something. I'm interested to see what happens. They'll never admit it but the Bombers would much rather see the Riders than Calgary. That much is obvious. Not a Stamp fan but they've only lost 1 game in Regina the past 7 seasons. I have to pull for them next week. Much better match up in the final.

We kicked the Stamps but for about 95% of the game. The only thing I'm upset about is that stupid call by Buck to have Dru Bown try to scramble on 1st down on THE 2 YARDLINE! All they had to do was punch it in, instead Brown fumbles and the Stamps get the ball. That was the game right there.

Couple take aways here....Mr Stallion was saying we haven't had any controversey...well now we do I guess. Also, we now created desent in the Stamp room as anyone with any common sence would sit BLM's butt down and let Mayor start next week.


spot on pantsonfire.......truth

To all the Bombers who were at McMahon tonight talking about their "record" - here's the record you'll need to know: 0-1 in the playoffs.

Starting D-line? I couldn't recognise 7 of the players. That was literally our practice squad.

Our rookies schooled your starters. Start your Xmas shopping in two weeks.

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Stamps defence has shut down the Bombers over their 2 games & the front 4. Allowed 1 sack, 1 TD over the 2 games. You don't sit down Bo in a playoff game. If he falters, they know they have Maier & you saw what he did today. Bo was 7/11 mostly short passes. Collaros 7/10 with 1 bomb. Take that away & the stats are what you expect for their short stints in this game - a little over 30 yds each. Even with that big play the Bombers still settled for FG's. Collaros left with Bombers up 3-0 after 25 minutes work. Two losses to end the year, Collaros now goes into the final with less than one half playing time in 4 weeks. We'll see how that strategy works. As for "we controlled the game", I'll take ugly wins over "moral" victories anyday. Love to see these 2 teams meet again.

Hey Bomber fans.. where has that "4th quarter defense" been last 2 weeks?

Every team in the league is scared of the recent 7-1 Stamps. They should be.

Don't know where the Bombers are finding these back-up QBs, but HOBO CREEK U comes to mind.
Even with hobos behind centre, Bombers controlled the mighty Stamps until the last 2 minutes where Hobo Brown basically handed Stamps the duke.
Smartest guy in Winnipeg was Mr. McGuire, the other Hobo Creek U grad. He managed to strike himself from the starting roster by taking on a so-called "groin injury", allowing himself to avoid a full wetting on national TV.

Bombers have now lost 2 straight - with reserves & HOBO U QBs. Well at least they can't end the season losing 4 in a row. They'll either lose 3 in a row - and watch the Grey Cup on television - or they'll break the 2 match losing streak and make it into the Grey Cup.

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