2021-11-20 Game Tracker - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6195)

Saskatchewan Roughriders

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Just have to think if the Cats want to have any success in the playoffs this game is very important to get home field. Riders always play the cats tuff so here's hoping the cats can win this.

Both games today are meaningless, yet the posturing that comes out of them is important

But always good to enter the play-offs with a win rather than a loss behind you. Momentum is a good thing to have. Other than that, yeah, meaningless.

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Looks like Fajardo will not dress in this one. So will say Fajardo has won his last game of 2021

Yet the only posturing is from you.

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I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean, but I'll take it as a compliment

You’ll have to explain to me how posturing is important.

As usual Mr. Ed has lots to say even though the Stumps aren't involved in this game.

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The joke of a sports network doesn't even have the decency to have a CFL pregame on today.

its about momentum and confidence that only winning can give you.

Harker's throws look weeble wabbly

I agree that winning will give you momentum and confidence. I don’t agree that posturing will. See Brown, Antonio- Johnson. Chad- Bell, Leveon. I could go on.

You rarely see the best players posturing. Tom Brady doesn’t do it. Peyton Manning didn’t. Perhaps you could say Ahole Rodgers has done some posturing in his career, but he has only won one SB and is not in the same class as the first two I mentioned.

I think the best players know that posturing is a transparent attempt to make up for self doubt.

Perhaps you and I are using the word posturing differently. I think we are agreeing here though

That is bull....if you throw your challenge flag you should be charged a challenge..not have the refs coddle the uninformed Craig D through it

Poor showing in a nothing game by the 5th string no-names

Ok. The thought had crossed my mind but I’m still not sure what you are saying. But never mind. We agree enough.

That is my understanding of the rule. Delay of game penalty. Apparently if you explain the error to a coach as if he is a child then there is no penalty. A few weeks ago in the NFL a coach got dinged for it. Same as asking for a challenge when you don’t have one or trying to call back to back timeouts.

I have stopped even trying to follow what is going on or figure it out. Winnipeg was criticized for poor play with backups. The games yesterday were not indicative of much except that Montreal dropped a notch in my book. This game means nothing and tells me nothing. Same for the Stamps/Bombers starting in half an hour. I just hope that no one on any team gets seriously hurt and can’t play in the playoffs. Hamilton looked great a few weeks ago and then not. Toronto looked barely alive in beating poor teams and then throttled Hamilton. Montreal was the latest team to fool me into thinking they might win the East until their bed wetting routine last night. I have concluded that nothing matters until next week, unless you lose a star player in these meaningless, at times even laughable, games.

Snooooooooooze fest.
Neither team wants to be there.
Proulx and crew seem more confused than normal.

Not a lot of discipline going on. Stupid penalties, sloppy play. Terrible tackling. The second stringers should be showcasing themselves and making a case to move up the depth chart, but instead they are mostly just reminding the coaches why they're on the PR.