2021-11-19 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6193)

good night everyone

We had that. People complained games were too long.

Instead of fixing officiating they took challenges away.

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Stanback please come back.

It is sad that they never considered fixing the real problem of ten minute reviews.

In rugby the off field guy finds the best angle, replays it on the stadium display and he and the ref agree on the result. All in about a minute.


The real issue were fishing expedition illegal contact reviews by Dickenson on every second down by WRs locking up to get a call.

Go to challenge is kept till you get it wrong, and all potential turnovers automatically reviewed.

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I think also you should get the lead referee's hat for free at such time.

Did any of them utter an expletive on the hot microphone yet?

Redblacks are still in it going into the fourth...

Doesn't speak well of the Als play IMO

Leaving the TwoColours in the game also wastes an opportunity to get Shea Patterson some reps *** just in case *** they need him in the semi-final

It’s not pretty, but not all bad. No Lewis, Stanback on the bench, banged up line,
And Harris not looking bad.

And there it is.....fumble #2 for Antwi. Bench this clown.

More importantly ... he can't be the backup RB in the semi-finals ... may have to get Cameron onto the roster ... no running game means no offence for the Als

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What a joke. Fumble....easy interception foiled by a teammate....third down penalty. Bye bye home playoff game.
Kahari going for two in the first half and sitting Stanback so early is bad coaching.

Oh the final insult... Guess Hamilton is giggling and reaching for roster B for tomorrow.

The REDBLACKS will have green garbage bag on Monday. The ALs will have theirs 1 week later....pathetic

Absent an 11 second miracle ... the Als ABSOLUTELY do not deserve another home game ... but Ti-Cats may now be overconfident.

Time will tell.

Well because they aren't Calgary...Go Loins!!! please leave the Elks tied for worst in the league....

Perfect end to the game to sum up the Als game.