2021-11-19 Game Tracker - Ottawa Redblacks vs. Montreal Alouettes (6193)

Ottawa Redblacks

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Provincial rival? Somebody wasn't paying attention during geography class. Or political science class.
I'm not going to go on record saying the GreenRiders cannot win tomorrow's game, so the Alouettes will be playing it in Hamilton. After all, they've sewn up 2nd place in the West. True. They'll be sitting most of their starters. Also true.
But the way Hamilton looked playing the Argos last week, it's remotely plausible to think they could mess the bed, even against a bunch of rookies and backups.
Still...it's not likely.


your post is bang on. I just hope the better Cats show up for their game. Either way our teams will meet in the ESF and I guess we will see who has bragging rights at that time. Good luck!

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How is that not a catch?

How was that a catch?
Refs just cost Als two obvious challenges on terrible calls.

Officials having a horrendous quarter.

it should be if your challenge is good you shouldn't lose it



....add a bonus challenge if you win three in a game.


Looked like no yards on that punt.

Just read that Schleuger was cleared to play.
Has he played yet in this game?

And if you don't use them in this game you can carry them over to the next one?

Harris must love his new receivers. Great catches this half.

I believe this game is over now its just a matter of by how many

Not fair to next games opponent.

I guess you have a good point

Could it be that while he was in Edmonton he had Elidumbo for an OC?
The same guy that ran the same play for three end zone interceptions on Tuesday?

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Wonder if we see Duck Hodges start the 3rd quarter.

If Hodges gets in and has a very good half, there is a chance he could lead the Redblacks in QB rating for 2021. Should Evans remain in the game, it is almost certain that Dominique Davis will end up as the team leader in QB rating for the year at 74.1.

good run by evans

Imagine this was the Grey Cup and the officiating was this poor.
It would be an embarrassment to the league.