2021-11-19 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. BC Lions (6194)

Edmonton Elks

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It is better on the last two weeks when the standings come down to a few teams needing wins to stay alive for playoffs or position... I willl be taking in every game this weekend but it more exciting when teams are forced to play all out and not rest key players .... Long live the CFL

This game should be a turtle race

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But it's so irrelevant. It's a nothing game with nothing at stake.
They should get the best Edmonton and Vancouver High School teams to play instead. That I would watch and it would be more exciting than this clunker will be.

Thank you Paul and you even won the game. I was worried about OT taking over the start of the next game.

Elks and the Lions… both teams agree this game will be a bigger match up than probably this years Grey Cup?

Go Lions Go

Time for the basement bowl

No team wants to be in the west toilet. Both teams are scared :flushed:

If we are keeping track of such things Suitor has mentioned the Elks playing three games in seven days three times…despite saying he’s not going to mention it all night

Anyone remember the over/under on that one?

OMG You should not be having alignment and personnel problems at this point of the season. Just awful coaching.

Rourke is a future star - no doubt.
Taylor and Prukop are ready for the dustbin. Next !!!

As a diehard Edmonton fan this is the perfect scenario here is hoping they can clean house getting rid of president , GM and HC plus a handful of expensive over paid vets who don’t belong here any longer .SVR , Walker , Wilder due to his me first attitude vs the vaccine , another plus is we now get the first overall pick in the draft with Ottawa winning in Montreal .Due to the salary cap of management I think I’m dreaming of firing Brock , Elizondo and the president , also they will blame this blowout for 3 rd game in 7 days , I hate to say it but my team sucks as bad as the name change

Other wise known as the Toilet Bowl as it’s a nobody gives a crap game

Edmoton is terrible coming off a game on Tuesday.....still that was a good game by ORourke

Rourke blew away every other QB that played on Friday. Harris, Cornelius, Prokop & Evans look like back-ups compared to his performance. Not a fair fight to be honest, but he did what needed doing & did it well. Optimism abounds now around this young man, & Reilly going down no longer fills me with fear.

I figured that BC would destroy them.

Elidumbo's throw to a spot offence worked really well last night. It was great to see all the DB's and safety's waiting on the spots for interceptions.