2021-11-13 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (6191)

It was obvious (IMO - and I'm an Als fan) ... I noticed it in "live action".

I don't think he's refrencing your Washington jump, but rathetr the Willie jump

Ohoh...Milt just trolled Stanback by questioning his conditioning.

Milt going clown perhaps his way of taking the heat off Davis "Eggman" Sanchez for saying Hamilton was 10x the team Montreal was last week!

Als have done a good job of shutting down the run, but the makeshift Oline isn't helping much either.

Just wait for the fourth quarter!

GO Bombers!


At least 5th string OL vs 5th string OL is a fair matchup

Well the Bombers have no need for intensity ... I expect the same next week too. But it's gonna be wow what a great team being said of the Bombers in the west final.... They will win with ease. They are just that much better than any other team

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I'm not familiar with the Als OL, but the Bombers have had a very consistent line all year, until today.

Als have been rotating OL most of the season ... 1 starter currently on 1-game list and another on 6 game list, plus two of their top backups on 6 game-list ... there are a couple of guys starting that might not be playing if the others were healthy.

Let’s not lose perspective. This is an exhibition game for the Bombers. They might lose as a result. MTL might even score in the 4th quarter. Who cares. None of it counts. If that breeds confidence in our opponents, great. The fall back to reality when they play the real Bombers will then be even more shocking. All part of the master plan! It appears the Bombers are playing their “shirts” side in the first half and their “skins” side in the second half.

I still care. I want to win everygame. Still hope for a big break today - pick 6, anything....but I for sure want to see the 4th Q thing continue.

That would be nice and it’s sure nice to always win, but any loss with half the starters sitting really doesn’t mean anything so I don’t worry about it.

It appears that today is what we call an “AYSO Day”, who’s motto is “Everybody Plays”….

GO Bombers!

Was there happy hour on the strip in Montreal lastnight?
These guys just aren't feeling it today. I hate noon games.
How many afternoon beers are too many?

Yes. Unfortunately gotta say the game isn’t that exciting, which I more or less expected. The Als starters playing as hard as they can against second and third stringers isn’t doing it for me. Not sure if watching this intra squad game is worth my time. Next week could even be worse. But after that the slaughtering will resume!

With CFL rosters there are only so many players a team can sit ... but it is a game of importance to Montreal and one of no real importance to the BBs (except for the subs trying to make an impression).

OK, 4th Q...here we go!

WTF, who is this returner?! He's gone now!

It seems that this might not be our day. AYSO days are always hard to win….

Go Bombers!