2021-11-13 Game Tracker - Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Montreal Alouettes (6191)

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Bombers bring their B Team to Montreal, who's in a battle for hosting a playoff game. Could this be the end of their win streak, and will we see them give up 4th Q points??

Only thing I like about a Noon game is the excuse to have a beer with my lunch!

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I think McGuire & the Big Blue Subs will give the Als a good run for their money - perhaps for up to 2 quarters of ball. But after Stanback keeps ramming their guys and the hematomas accrue - O'Shea will retreat his troops and the Als should romp to a 15 to 25 pt win, mostly on points in the 2nd half - against mostly bomber 2nd & 3rd stringers!

I always have beer with my lunch, nice to have football on the menu though.

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Darvin Adams better come up big again in the playoffs, or he might not be in B&G next year

Ah **** McGuire

How the hell does the Als QB get awarded the 1st down on that play? Brutal

BIG break for the Als on the Lewis TD ... I think Eugene may have gotten a toe down, that wasn't the break, but Washington should have been flagged for illegal procedure.

They fixed it ... when he hit the wall he should just have bounced off and fallen down ... then "progress" would be legit

Nice catch on his 2nd TD by Lewis ... nice job by Harris to buy time

OK, answer back with a drive now

How the heck does Jefferson get away with a hit on Patterson after he jumped off side?

You want a flag on WJ for the ref not blowing the whistle?

What Iā€™m saying is you are questioning a call and I was questioning why there was no whistle which allowed Jefferson that shot after he was off side.

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So we're in agreement that the reffing has not been good.


Beer??? step up a notch to Jameson at the least... On the rocks or straight up. You got reason to celebrate

Might need some whisky to get me thru the 2nd half. Slow/dull feel game.

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In previous years, it was easy to call the penalties for movement on the line. This year, refs seemingly are too scared to call the infraction unless obvious and just let the play continue.

Loved Matty D. going after Andre Proulx by saying he choked on the explanation. Way to endear yourself to CFL higher-ups Matt. With the truth!