2021-11-13 Game Tracker - Edmonton Elks vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders (6192)

Edmonton Elks

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A win would look nice for either team...one for the future ...the riders need a win for the play off standings and home field.

You can always root for Winnipeg to beat Calgary next week. :partying_face: :boom:

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I always root for any team to best cowtown


O'Shea might just try to win that one. :smiley:

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…brrr, looks cold in the prairies today

Yup. Better have some run game if you want to win today.

how is that a horse collar?

Whenever I see "hidden reply" I thank the football gods for this feature on this site... Then I silently chuckle the stamps fan who baits never gets seen.... Who am I kidding I laugh out loud heartily

It looks very cold in Regina on TV right now…

Go Bombers!

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Riders should have tried the field goal. Lauther has shown at points during the season he's got the leg for up to 60-65 yards. Why not try to go for tying/breaking the record. Would have been much cooler than the pass 30 yards down the field that means absolutely jack squat.

Edmonton might be taking this game over

I hope the riders are fined by league/TSN for not coming out on time. Whats up with that?

Does anyone else think Fajardo is relying on Williams a little too much?

Not any more....that looked bad. Knees don't bend like that.

Riders can kiss their Grey Cup hopes buh-bye if The Duke is out for next 2 or 3 games (ie. rest of season)
Only NFL quality receiver they got, only reason Duke still ain't in NFL has nothing to do with effort, moves, hands or strength. He has all of those, some of these things moreso than existing NFL WRs. Only thing keeping him out of NFL is speed. He's got fullback speed NOT WR speed. . . . maybe a 4.8/4.85 in the 40. Speed burns in the NFL. They like them 4.3 to 4.45 burners.

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Well, lets see if Cornelius has a clock chewing game winning drive in him....

Boy did the riders get a gift

That is probably the worst penalty call of the season. Damn


Nothing about the Riders scare me. Cody is clearly leaning on Duke like a crutch. See you in 2 weeks

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