2021-11-12 Game Tracker - Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Toronto Argonauts (6189)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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This coaching staff is a joke these players
Look like they are not prepared to play today!? Why ? Do you ever see Our head coach tare a strip off a player for a bad play?! Nope ! Even our asses kicked in the last Grey Cup no emotions Mr cool OS is our Hcoach he can do us jo wrong attitude!

Switching to soccer Alphonsodavies the 50 Million Dollar soccer phenomenon!” Now , “mia san mia “ go Canada world cup qualifying

Brutal team effort all around

As I’ve explained numerous times, Weasel Steinauer is a badly overrated coach.

And he proved it again tonight.

I can’t some believe people were foolish enough to try and put Weasel Steinauer at the same level as Mike O’Shea.

The Weasel is only concerned with keeping one person happy. Bob the Hick, near-billionaire owner of the Ti-Cats.

Only person more humiliated after last nite's game is The Eggman, Davis Sancheggz of the TSN panel. EggMan went in deep for the Ticats. So deep his comments were bulletin board fodder for the Hungry Boatmen.

Kate Chucky & the TSN panel were actually super nice to Eggman after his Ticats got blown down. . . . . they really could've roughed him up but TSN is already down one borscht belt comedian this year (Rod Black). They don't want to lose the other.

They can’t win games with a terrible kicker. This coach was smiling at times on the sidelines. The Argos with a terrible fan base and they played with a lot of emotion. The ticats with an awesome fan base looked terrible. That’s a coaching problem. Stein sure should of looked pissed but was smiling at times. Too many penalties, kicker is terrible. They had awesome kickers in the past but didn’t want to pay them. You have to have a reliable kicker to win the close games.